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*I made this when I was 15. I'm 29 now. Please excuse the cringe* Name - Chelssss Enjoys: Glowsticks. Jagar bombs. Puppies. The Beatles. Some other music but mostly Beatles. Cute Puppies. More Glow Sticks. Halloween. World of Warcraft. Dance Dance Revolution. Strawberry Applesauce. Strawberry Fields Forever. Yellow Submarines. Joe Cocker. Woodstock. The Woodstock generation. Catching buzzes. Tootsie Roll Pops. Clean Ashtrays. Shaun of the Dead. Trippy Colorsss. And most importantly...boiled peanuts
...I think its been covered
Fav Music:
Acid, Classic, Beatles, Hendrix, and other forms of rock I dont think I could name
Fav Movies:
Shaun of the Dead. Princess Mononoke. [sp] Yellow Submarine. Clockwork Orange. Across the Universe.
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Gravity Kitten writes at 5:35:30pm on 1/6/20
welcome to 2020
Chlsy15 writes at 3:57:37pm on 1/3/20
shika22 writes at 3:59:12pm on 10/24/10
hey whats up
Darth Pegolous writes at 3:17:14pm on 6/5/09
Psyclon_Nine writes at 5:18:44am on 11/1/07
Hey whats up ?
smoke20 writes at 2:18:13am on 7/19/07
so can i buy you a drank then?
HazzeACH writes at 9:06:55pm on 3/26/07
add me to your buddies =P maybe we can play again sometime hehe
Forgotten_Illusion writes at 7:16:39am on 1/18/07
New high combo like 1800 something on Max Forever
Forgotten_Illusion writes at 12:35:33pm on 1/4/07
Yo, Max Forever high combo 1658
Mr_Tumness writes at 11:56:57pm on 10/26/06
hey whats goin on you haha talking on this now