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Autofail writes at 6:14:06am on 7/21/15
Not really, but I suppose I could start again.
maleonmoney writes at 11:12:36pm on 6/17/11
haha nice avatar to you too!! i like yours
stuffedunicorn writes at 2:16:34pm on 6/11/11
I don't get frustrated.
Daisy14 writes at 8:50:46am on 6/11/11
putting on the costumes thats wats going on in the show
stuffedunicorn writes at 1:03:57pm on 6/10/11
Litholia writes at 11:50:06am on 6/10/11
The new song you just posted is fucking like having an ear orgasm. lol
Daisy14 writes at 10:52:54am on 6/10/11
Litholia writes at 10:33:46am on 6/10/11
Hell yeah man, That's what's up. I kinda wanna roll around with you one day lol. I'd be boomin' that shit all day long lol. I used to rock a JL man, but like i said, had to sell it lol
stuffedunicorn writes at 11:22:07pm on 6/9/11
I'm not a friendly person xp
dollphenfreek writes at 6:58:25pm on 6/9/11
idk they think i am but as long as i know im not then they can call me all the thing they want