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Hi! I'm CannotRelate. My names are Edgar and Tracy. My nicknames also include Erica, Sarah, Unable, and Demon.| |The character in my pfp is Carol by bbpanzu.| |I am a bigender person! I go by He/Him or She/Her pronouns.| |I'm 15| Twitter: @UnableToReiate Instagram: @BlackDemonThing Roblox: unabletotolerateyou Discord: Can’t Relate#1419| Stream Whole Lotta Money Remix by Bia.
3D modeling. Writing (I normally write a lot of fan fics about idv) Luchino Diruse
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Hyperpop Female rap Favorite songs are take it off or boost mobile by that kid. Nicki Minaj's verse in plain Jane is probably my favorite.
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Gopico ALTNumber2WHY writes at 8:36:06am on 8/28/21
my accs are getting deleted
GoPico! writes at 6:00:33pm on 8/15/21
Also, I am not gonna be on for a while because I'm gonna be at school tomorrow :/
GoPico! writes at 5:59:17pm on 8/15/21
ok, that's fine I'm glad your back from the dead on FFR!
CannotRelate writes at 1:43:44am on 8/11/21
And Hello!
CannotRelate writes at 1:43:34am on 8/11/21
I'm good, I haven't been checking FFR. That's it lol.
Go_KAPI! writes at 12:05:27am on 8/1/21
GoPico! writes at 11:07:34pm on 7/31/21
Are you ok..!?
Please answer..!!
GoPico! writes at 3:13:43am on 7/31/21
Why you haven't been on ffr for a while...
GoPico! writes at 11:16:34pm on 7/30/21
GoPico! writes at 11:15:37pm on 7/30/21
haa daddy d go vroommmmmmmm