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Dear Mr. Person (GOODBYE FFR)
Posted on: February 17, 2016, at 10:39:01pm

This honestly has very little to do with you.

I have had near zero investment in the site for a long time and with other projects that I am far more passionate about and that I only see room for expansion in, I figured hey, how about I stop leading people on for 3+ years now and make my retirement official.



Should you want to keep or reestablish contact with me, I will be hanging around the Stepmania forums and am usually on my Skype daily. Also I has a tumblr, which you can find in my infobox thinger a ways down and to the left.

I might not be TOTALLY gone, as I will also try to cross-post any juicy new simfiles to the Stepmania forums here, but of course I might forget. I highly doubt I will chart for FFR ever again; it's extremely limiting. I'm starting to become a Solo player and charter, and also want to explore obscure game modes like ez2 and para once I get suitable controllers. I might even get involved behind the scenes; it's an exciting time to be a Stepman.

I do not play FFR TWG at all anymore, as it has turned into MafiaScum lite and that never appealed to me at all. I only play on Last Life these days. You'll have to find someone else to maintain the histories and guides and stuff.

Sorry guys. I know I'm leaving quite a bit of loose ends, especially in the TWG department. But the magic of FFR is just...gone. I'm now a mad scientist. But still cute and fluffy.