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...and so were you. RIP Travis Bennie (travman301)
Posted on: January 1, 2014, at 02:10:45pm

Trav, some of the fondest memories of my teen years were with you, playing and chatting it up; occasionally being at each others' throats in a TWG, but all in good fun of course. You were one of the nicest, most laid-back guys I ever met, and I'm sure there were lots of other good things about you that I didn't know over my internet friendship.

When the news hit me that you passed away so young, even when I hadn't talked to you in years, I couldn't hold back my tears; I'm not sure I can even imagine the heartbreak that your wife and family experienced when you passed. Death comes to us all sooner or later, but it always hurts; especially when it ends such a young, vibrant life who no doubt had a lot more he wanted to give.

You seemed to cheer up and turn up the fun dial on anything you were involved in. You brightened up people's days. You brought happiness to others. That's a pretty cool thing to be remembered for. I don't think you'd want to ruin someone's day even in death. Still, we can't help but grieve for your death, the tragic end to a life that still had so much potential. But after the grieving is over, the memories we have together, about you being such a source of fun and joy in our live -- those will remain, and we will carry on happy to have known you. You'll never be forgotten.
Willis Meine (BDN),
Chicago, Illinois
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