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8th Official Tournament: Blueblogll.
Posted on: January 24, 2013, at 09:27:25pm

Ohhhh boy here we go again. D6 and there obviously wasn't enough pressures to kick my face in outside of Planetside 2, school, work and applying for more jobs, so I enrolled for this tournament on top of tomorrow's Planetside 2 tournament! Yay! This will be a short note blog of the songs that I play in D6.

Also I'm publishing it now, but my top 3 in d6 predictions from the start have been this in no order:


Whoever wins that final round depends on who can Rave7 the best. Or whatever Round 8 song becomes ~.

Round 1: Pussy Pump (0-0-0-1) - I sure have a knack for not AAA'ing round 1! Don't like this song or the chart, I struggled to get a booflag. I need something a little more awkward to excel at it unfortunately.. A booflag is enough to not keep me worried but I guess I should be thankful there's a D7 as I'd still be in 35th position without D7 with this score. It'd be safe, but only by 7 entries..

Round 2: Beautiful Arrythmia (AAA) - I wish all tournament songs could be like this. Split rolls, random colours, challenging patterns that people can't do but I can.. it is my dream! I made a quick AAA of this on the first day. I can only hope that future songs will be as similar to this one. It's interesting to note that I continue to follow the same pattern as previous tournaments where I fail to AAA the first song but AAA the second. We'll see how the rest of the tournament pans out..

Round 3: Weapon (2-0-0-2) - Ok usually I love long songs, and Kommisar did make a good simfile here. However this doesn't play to my strengths at all, and playing with sound on makes this a very gut wrenching nerve wracking song to play with especially at the song's climax. Essentially everything from 1300 - 2500 notes is intense and extreme jump jack jump sandwiched in between more jumps smashing and just when you think it lightens up it gets even more dense. And if that wasn't enough to throw you off, there's 2 sections of ~48ths that are actually 24ths or 12ths~ that completely threw me off. I am lucky to escape through this round as I finished in 20th. I need something faster.

Round 4: 2-9 (AAA) - Just what the doctor ordered! I needed something faster, and what better than a dosslar file to bring in awkward patterns that people can't do--- oh wait I'm the 8th to AAA in D6, apparently people can do dosslar patterns. Oh well. No matter, I needed a song like this to propel me into the top 16 (or 17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 depending on how many people tie for the last position as we don't have a CammyGoesRawr in this division to come in and ninja everyone into the yellow peepeewater at the final hour.). Cya next week. ##

Round 5: Infinity (5-0-0-2) - I will keep updating this one as I go but this is a very good candidate of a song to knock me out of the tournament. It's not very hard, but it's very consistent which is what I'm bad at. I will continue to improve and will fight to the very end. Today I've been able to improve my score from 40 goods to 13-4-0-6. Hope to continue improving.

Update: Well life has done everything in its power to make sure I'm out this round. Such things included credit card fraud under my name, a massive project due this week, a hefty exam this week, and being on vacation for 4 days of the round (Thursday > Sunday). But life can only delay for so long - I have 7 hours to SDG Infinity which in theory should be plenty of time.

Fun Fact: I was in a SM tournament with TC_Halogen long time back and Infinity was the one song he beat me against in a best of 3. xD good times.. but oh man how ironic it would be if this song came back for a second helping of Kick Your A. (FFR Pun not intended)

UPDATE #2: Looks like I decided to do my laundry and my scores are... 8) White again. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

5-0-0-2 is my best score of this song that came not 5 hours before the round ended. Took about 4 hours of FFR smashing in order to get this score because for whatever reason the jumpstream is impossible in this song. I just have to hope that no one else decides to improve. I have a bit of a safety net with 3 people below me..

Round 6: The Ordeal Becomes Great (5-0-0-0) - Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your beltseats; this is uncharted Bluearrowll territory. Never before have I made it to round 6, though I have come close a few times in the form of 2 9th place finished in the 4th and 5th officials and a 10th place finish in the 6th official - only to disappoint in a meagre 17th finish in the 7th. I have rebounded back to place my best record on the table: how high will it go? One hopes it will reach astronomical proportions, but stellar play is needed more than ever to escape the cut off line that slowly gets closer and closer, like that wall in the beginning Sonic Hydrocity Zone Act 2. My goal is to make it to the final round for a grand showdown against Alloyus and.. the 3rd person who will either be Shadow 1800, Herogashix, or EtienneSM. With a 5-0-0-0 score, I was barely able to hold on as I was the cut off this round. Next round, all I can say is the Ordeal Becomes Great..

Round 7: Stinger (20-0-0-1) - ELIMINATED - Well this song was a real Stinger. Bursts, bursts everywhere! I thought I was safe with 48 hours to go before the round ended because I was in 3rd of 5 and only one person had managed a SDG. Then I go to school, work, and come back home and look at the score the final day of the round and I see that everyone has managed to SDG the song except me. Yeahhhhh thanks D6. Then I had to choose between spending the 2nd half of the day playing the tournament file in hopes of clinching a SDG (which is somewhat possible, but probably not in such a short timespan) or venturing out to see a one time Comet - I chose the latter of the two and got some sweet shots despite being in a heavily light polluted city.

Round 8: Unconnected. (x-x-x-x) - No score because I don't have access to the song ##.


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