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im Brandon myScreen name is bkjfootball39 and i have blonde ahir brown eyes and a tan IM HOTT
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all types
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all of um
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shaketramp writes...
at 8:30:27pm on 6/20/07
hey just wrote a comment on your sisters comment board you guys are soo lucky to live somwhere nice and warm all year round
Slippin_Slide writes...
at 3:34:38pm on 2/17/07
hey brandon that was gay how you dumped leslie to get with samantha but she was already dating jayson and then you were like crying to lesl;ie to get with you and she smacked you. sorry. yeah well wanna catch a movie with me and scott and lacey tomorrow? call me =)
kre8ive_kid56 writes...
at 1:32:15am on 1/7/07
they caught you, but are you white n' nerdy?
Lemmyluvsu writes...
at 9:11:05am on 11/5/06
hey brandin luv ya
Zac attack224 writes...
at 2:59:45pm on 11/4/06
wanna talk
Zac attack224 writes...
at 2:59:36pm on 11/4/06
hey watts up im Zac and im 12 check out my page!!
Slippin_Slide writes...
at 7:02:08pm on 8/28/06
R U EVA GETTIN ON?????????????
Slippin_Slide writes...
at 3:10:11pm on 8/25/06
and play games ur soooo empty
Slippin_Slide writes...
at 1:31:14pm on 8/24/06
oh yeah and GET SUM FRIENDS like me !! =)
Slippin_Slide writes...
at 1:30:05pm on 8/24/06
hey hot stuff LOL whats up IM me sumtime u loser, lol oh and PLAY SUM GAMES SUMTIME LOSER!! oh and comment me sumtime lol ( all i just said was an inside joke so HA) oh and dont foget the shake with those fries!!

~Love ya loser Jenn
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