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Trombone player in the Marine Corps. My proudest achievement is that it took me almost 9 years to hit D3.
League of Legends, GTA5, playing trombone, drum corps/marching arts, listening to great music, my beautiful girlfriend
Fav Music:
Big Band Jazz, EDM, Two Steps From Hell, assortment of random classical/modern symphonic
Fav Movies:
Deadpool, Infinity War, Django: Unchained
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awesomebox writes at 5:50:37pm on 10/10/20
man likes drum corps and in that case look up star of indiana 1992 its legendary
sk8tr220 writes at 12:24:44am on 8/26/20
Congrats good job!
HBar writes at 11:00:46am on 7/8/20
Congrats! Us lowly D2s are in trouble
MarcusHawkins writes at 7:03:34pm on 7/7/20
Grats on D3!
(lol at the 4 year break)
danredge writes at 7:02:19pm on 7/7/20
Ayy Conrats on d3 n_n
MarcusHawkins writes at 9:59:31pm on 10/5/16
hey man, why don't you join our team's discord server here?
Do you have a discord to start with? lol
MarcusHawkins writes at 9:27:02pm on 9/30/16
lol ok, thanks! we'd love to have you! PM me your cell
MarcusHawkins writes at 11:00:14pm on 9/28/16
Hey, we have a Team Tournament that has registration open, and we need a D2 player on our team! Do you think you can join us to complete our team?
Cloud_Strife15 writes at 6:44:17pm on 8/28/16
Thanks :)
Cloud_Strife15 writes at 4:21:50pm on 8/26/16
Nice profile!