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Hello! I'm Sarah! I'm bisexual, & I own a rabbit named GooGoo! Uhmm.. YEH.. =D
Sex, Lying, Anime, Drama, Japan, Guitar, Music, Acting, Photography, &Christofer Drew Ingle(:
Fav Music:
Nevershoutnever, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Eyes set to kill, Three Days Grace
Fav Movies:
The Legands Of The Fall, Secert Window, Wrong Turn 2, Butterfly Effect
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SapphireYoshi writes...
at 5:09:22pm on 6/2/13
haha your welcome, i should try to find pictures like that, cus they are awesome :)
also what is your current avatar from, i have seen that on several profiles in several sites but i never knew, it kinda bugs me lol
also do you have a skype?
SapphireYoshi writes...
at 3:54:46am on 6/2/13
ooh I love the background :D
stary sky pictures were always nice :)
intj writes...
at 2:28:40pm on 12/15/09
intj writes...
at 3:56:36pm on 11/16/09
blyndskater writes...
at 2:37:51pm on 11/16/09
you play guitar
intj writes...
at 5:08:05pm on 11/13/09
WOW!XD MP lvl9!!!
blyndskater writes...
at 3:36:31pm on 11/12/09
hello negro
blyndskater writes...
at 2:58:52pm on 11/12/09
meow :3
Patty Poo writes...
at 2:35:28pm on 11/12/09
whats up?
Patty Poo writes...
at 5:33:27pm on 11/10/09
Hey :)
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