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Kotarouchan writes...
at 12:07:35am on 2/10/09
and it goes down... and down... and down...
GaaMitsue writes...
at 1:54:08pm on 2/2/09
sure no problem, and awsome profile ^^
xharumoni writes...
at 1:26:03pm on 2/1/09
Aigis ♥
biohazard_123 writes...
at 8:33:52am on 2/1/09
Hello, There Aigis :D U got kinda irritating BG to me xD
Izzy writes...
at 11:10:38am on 1/31/09
I didn't know pso zero was out.
championanwar writes...
at 9:12:16am on 1/31/09
It was nice talking to you in that brief period :)
Kotarouchan writes...
at 9:10:27pm on 1/30/09
okay, bye bye!
Kotarouchan writes...
at 9:07:59pm on 1/30/09
it's bright, and it's moving... I like it :)
Kotarouchan writes...
at 8:34:28pm on 1/30/09
err... goods, I started playing some SM as well
Kotarouchan writes...
at 8:34:15pm on 1/30/09
seriously, but I still get some respect from players, I shown fc's on Hajnal and For FFR with greats in the 'teens.
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