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75 Skill Tokens!!!
Posted on: June 12, 2009, at 05:46:34pm

Wasn't it like, 2 months ago that I got up to 50??? Anyway, I'm very proud of myself. =)

Number 75 was the very painful unlock of {Sunlight}. This definitely isn't my most difficult token, but I'm damn sure it was the most painful. >_<

I put getting this thing off for SOOOOOO long. I'm just thrilled that it's over. Next update at 90 tokens! O_O
(might be a while...)

Edit: I actually got my 50th on October 22, 2008. At lot longer ago than I thought, but I've still shown quite a bit of improvement. ^_^

9/27/09: 80th Token earned. (Mou Uta Shika Kikoenai)

  1. Wow...sweet accomplishment. I only have 67 :(
    (Not that I've played FFR in a few months or anything...)

  2. One more and you tie me for skill tokens.

  3. 90 tokens takes a little time and a lot of practice, but the real challenge comes to getting over 90 tokens

  4. Nice. Go for 90 ;x