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Yeah, I'm A smoker (And please no shit about how that's bad for you,)I'm also an asshole, and My names Jason. I'm 16, I'm not a computer freak and I only go on at night, cause I'm ground, for sneaking out, smoking, mouthing off, fighting at school, skipping classes, etc. Oh yeah Imma tell all the chicks out there, All guys are horny bastards, so don't let some ass hole get you down. . . unless it's me
Sports (More skateboarding, and surfing then anything), Traveling, Chilling, fixing cars, I'm on the track team, basketball team, but not football ( that's not my thing I don't like grabbing balls from guys), I also like to play my guitar. I like candy it tastes so sweet, partying and drinking at times.
Fav Music:
Punk rock, rock, classic rock, yeah pretty much rock, Best motehr fuckin band ever is HollyWood Undead.
Fav Movies:
Hot Fuzz, Shawn of the Dead, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dude where's my car?, Not another teen movie, American pie 1 and 2.
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Holly wood Undead
Posted on: April 29, 2008, at 12:42:58am   [0 comments]
. . . Yeah I'm fuckin Addicted

Posted on: April 25, 2008, at 01:12:00am   [2 comments]
Yo, I was think of putting picture up of myself, but I dunno Someone tell me if yeah want me too 'kay ?

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euphoriakisses writes...
at 8:40:54am on 8/6/08
Dude what happend to you? Did you like die?
I miss you :
ARROWUP writes...
at 6:21:20pm on 5/10/08
Hey go fuck yourself lol
ARROWUP writes...
at 1:42:59am on 5/10/08
Hey jason, whats upp
mhbrokendreams writes...
at 7:20:12pm on 5/1/08
yea lol... well shes quitting now
mhbrokendreams writes...
at 9:57:59am on 5/1/08
ahhh no problem at all
Bynary Fission writes...
at 11:41:12pm on 4/30/08
Nuthin much. I'm playing Multiplayer with my sister, but that's it really.
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 5:22:57pm on 4/30/08
o ok well mcr, alesana, rebellions fall, fall of troy, escape the fate, love hate hero, killswitch engage
Lexsickle writes...
at 10:54:48am on 4/30/08
Hey hun. My other account was blacklisted so just send me a friend request if you want.
mhbrokendreams writes...
at 10:40:34am on 4/30/08
add her new ffr acount its Lexsickle
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 8:21:54pm on 4/29/08
i like screamo punkk rokk emo iz tht wht u askin???
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