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Kim ♥ im single and im 16
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Kyle.sk8.4.LIFE writes...
at 7:26:31pm on 1/6/07
it says ur on are u?
CR_wiTE_fOaM writes...
at 9:48:30pm on 1/4/07
hey, im sry, i'm like never on, cuz yaya, stupid senor project, but yaya, ill try to get on =)))

how was your break btw? ;D
Kyle.sk8.4.LIFE writes...
at 8:21:29pm on 1/4/07
thx for the pix comments =) wut happend to ur pix?
M00 writes...
at 1:54:54am on 1/4/07
ha nice. deleted your profile wtffff kimmmm!!!!
Tazmanian_Psycho writes...
at 5:57:45pm on 1/3/07
im kinda pissed, but alright, had fun sunday tho
Kyle.sk8.4.LIFE writes...
at 5:17:03pm on 1/3/07
mine is 16 m oregon....oregon sucks
m_woods00 writes...
at 3:06:24pm on 1/3/07
hey beautiful how is your day?
uh_hi555 writes...
at 2:13:30pm on 1/3/07
hey u lol wats up hope u have a good day kk well bye
Tazmanian_Psycho writes...
at 1:35:42pm on 1/3/07
happy new years! =P
el_guapo_19 writes...
at 9:59:24pm on 1/2/07
tank u for write me baby please don't leave me alone lol i like stay with you:D
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