Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 4th, 2021

Hey everyone, as you know one of our staff members was involved in a serious car accident and has been on the road to recovery. They’ve still got a ways to go yet and could use a little help getting through this time. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a few fundraisers to try to relieve some of that pressure off their shoulders. To start off, if you were around in 2014 you may remember a coin that was sold to fundraise. Well, it’s back! If you missed your chance last time, now’s your opportunity to grab one. There will be one in the original red and blue as well as a variant that is purple and blue. Head on over to the FFR Merch Store to pre-order one.


Thanks so much for your support!


6 Responses to “Fundraiser!”

  1. Invest in FFR coin.

  2. These were 2014???? Oh myyyyyy

  3. Purchased~ Going to make some kind of nifty coin display on my desk now.

  4. take my money

  5. A purple version huh? This will make a fine addition to my collection…

    I wish them a speedy recovery, that is truly a terrible situation to be in.

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