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Default Treat Minipack 1 [RELEASED!]

(Dropbox link in banner, MEGA mirror to come.)
MEGA mirror: https://mega.nz/#!V9USSCSD!cLYnzK6Zr...TpfGSxsIetTtFE

Going to be inactive from 8th of January so here's stuff I (and my lovely submitters) have made since release of Treatpack 1.

Alice in Misanthrope -Ensei Alice- - 16th jumpstream and 24th bursts.
Axe Of Judgement - 16th light jump- and handstream, chordjacks and nasty solo.
Bloodthirsty Nightmare Lullaby - chordjacks, alternating 24th and 32nd streams
CHOIR JAIL - long 32nd light jumpstream.
FAKE PROMISE - 16th jump- and handstream, 24th bursts and 32nd rolls (haha.)
Ghost Love Score - longest file in the pack, long 48th streams and other shenanigans.
Hakkensha wa Watashi - alternating 24th and 32nd streams.
Killer Song - alternating 24th and 32nd streams.
Lifeworld - 16th jump- and handstream, few 24th bursts.
Lyrith - basically same as Alice in Misanthrope but it's slightly denser.
sorairo concerto - easiest file in the pack, basic patterning.
Sulfide [cut ver.] - jacks and overall technical patterning, alternating streams.
Tequila - light 24th jumpstreams
The Empress - trilly long 16th dense jumpstream and 24th short bursts.
The Tide - trilly broken 16th jumpstream and 24th bursts
Weaponized - chordjacks and gimmicky snaps
Where the light is still blazing - 16th jumpstream and 20th streams.

Special thanks to who?

Riktoi for banner (again.)
Tinosaurus, Bobbykaze, DourGent and KrystalSM for their files.
People who playtested and gave feedback.

haha bye I'm going to army.

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Default Re: Treat Minipack 1 [RELEASED!]

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Default Re: Treat Minipack 1 [RELEASED!]

noisia boys
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Default Re: Treat Minipack 1 [RELEASED!]

late but this is good!
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