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Default Re: Pseudo Skill Tokens ~2012 Remix~

Unlock 1:

Token #21

Cleanly full combo Travel demon (0 averages and 0 boos).

(PS: The goods are horse shit because if I honestly got any of them anywhere it's the jacks.)

Unlock 2:

FC Shining Sword with 9 goods or less.

It hits the technical requirement... But I don't know if this equates to an sdg or less or not. Either way no sadness if it's not. Garbage chart anyways.

Unlock 3:

Token #13

Pass Almost There, Eclipse (Solar), and a song of your choice

Easy token really. Good idea... Minus the whole "song of your choice" part.

Screen shot to show they were played in a row in the requested order:

Replays to show proof of passing

(If you are curious as to why I picked Caprice instead of something easy... I simply like the song.)

Unlock 4:

Token #19

yo man im awesome
Pass JULIA with over 200 misses and over 200 boos, but get more misses than boos.

As much as I ****ing loathe AntiPA challenges, this one was easy enough to where it took one try. Thanks for not wasting to much of my time.

Gonna try for 10 unlocks but with all these AntiPA ones it's not so easy.

I really do request you limit the amount of AntiPA tokens people can dish out their ass. Some people have an absurd obsession with wasting time.

Unlock 5:

Token #37

Pass Death Piano with over 1000 perfects and boos and under 300 misses.

I did the misses without thinking about it. Good song to bash the **** out of if your irritated.

Unlock 6:

Token #40

awein999 #2
Get at least one perfect on any song.

Though unlocked over any and all of the others...

A special replay for you.

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