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Default Re: Pseudo Skill Tokens ~2012 Remix~

This was fun, even though it took me over 20 tries. xD
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(^)> peck peck says the heels

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If we get a sports forum I demand we also get an NSFW / Porn forum.

We can watch stupid people tackle each other and throw big balls and then we can watch bitches get fucked in the same way.

: (4)
Makiba (Oni get! ), Colorful Course, Pure Ruby, and Melonman's OP (although the game seems to think otherwise about the last one)

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And god made ben, and realized he was doomed to miss. And said it was good.
My "warm" welcome to D4:
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Hi, my name is Midnight, / I'd like to be the first to welcome you to D4. / I'm also going to be the first to make you lose. / Enjoy your (rather quick) stay. / I'm kidding <3 I look forward to this
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I'd shoot myself >_>...Nah, I wouldn't really do that. I'd be pissed though and would probably stop playing for the rest of the day.
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awww :< crushing my dreams; was looking foward to you attempting to shoot yourself point blank and missing
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mfw when BOTH of you failed to take a screenshot right; this is not rocket surgery people
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