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About me:
Hey there. Haven't been on here in years (pretty much since when the site went down)Things that have changed: I lost a few of friends over stupid incidents, and I regret loosing them. There's only a few that can go fuck themselves. But I've gained a ton of new ones as well. So if anyone happens to see this, sorry *bows*. I'm pretty much the same except for a few big things, for example, I still love climbing trees, being a dork, and watching anime/reading manga. Things that have changed are I have a career now, and I'm graduated from school. I've been moved out for a few years too. I also turned into a plant geek. So quite a few big changes.
Anime/Manga/Live action dramas Music. Couldn't live without it. Meeting new people. Plants. Tim burton. Corsets and burlesque (yes, I've taken classes, it was loads of fun) Helping people.
Fav Music:
I can now tolerate rap in small doses and I have learned to love country. Grudgingly, at least. I am still in love with upbeat dance music and trance/dubstep.
Fav Movies:
Anything made by Glibli Studios and Hayao Miyazaki. Foreign in general is pretty good. I still don't enjoy scary movies, but I will tolerate watching them now.
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badman7772 writes at 7:40:15pm on 1/27/14
*random hug* :D
badman7772 writes at 7:35:04pm on 1/27/14
Awww thank you! :)
badman7772 writes at 7:17:22pm on 1/27/14
I know! A new person to make smile is always great for me! :)
badman7772 writes at 7:10:22pm on 1/27/14
Welp, feel free to add mine! It's c_man72! :D
badman7772 writes at 6:59:48pm on 1/27/14
Guess you can make that 2 since Wednesday might be worse. Hey do you have a Skype? :D
badman7772 writes at 6:41:35pm on 1/27/14
You really wouldn't believe it. How about an inch of snow? JUST AN INCH! Really now?
badman7772 writes at 6:34:59pm on 1/27/14
Same. Kinda bored. No college tomorrow due to bad weather and stuff.
badman7772 writes at 6:25:15pm on 1/27/14
Anyways! How're you? :D
badman7772 writes at 5:21:16pm on 1/27/14
The fact that you don't judge is awesome. :D
badman7772 writes at 5:01:05pm on 1/27/14
Your about me: More people need to be like you. Just saying. :D