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badman7772 writes at 10:20:12am on 2/17/15
Caleb2 writes at 3:04:38pm on 2/8/08
The water buffallo will return. You will be sorry.
~ninja~ writes at 10:59:18pm on 11/15/07
hey was up . u rock!!!!!
DJ_Swabber writes at 1:19:39pm on 8/15/07
Well, you should do it more often! ^-^
I used to never smile in pictures either... but getting my braces off makes me not mind smiling. ;D
animefreak_14 writes at 2:35:26pm on 7/12/07
i love u jessy
DR2Chris writes at 4:49:58pm on 7/11/07
ive been good how u been
xFlamenx writes at 12:51:47pm on 7/8/07
lol hiya! ^_^ ♥
xFlamenx writes at 2:47:24pm on 7/7/07
lol ahh oki XD right lol im slow today XP
xFlamenx writes at 2:18:29pm on 7/7/07
yesh it has T.T ah well lol oh whats gromen? ♥
xFlamenx writes at 2:11:31pm on 7/7/07
lol hihi! ^_^