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Ksl33zy24 writes at 7:39:41pm on 7/7/15
lol, it is what you do for sure! True, I've been here for a minute.
Ksl33zy24 writes at 7:25:44pm on 7/7/15
It's a pretty old profile! 11.91 years
Ksl33zy24 writes at 12:12:56pm on 6/30/15
oldie (:
koheedandkambria writes at 3:10:21pm on 3/7/08
i know, indeed. and we will soon!
koheedandkambria writes at 12:50:22am on 11/25/07
i do indeed. and it would be even more super cool if it worked! so- as of now... i dont :(
koheedandkambria writes at 11:48:26pm on 11/19/07
but you're under 7000 now!!!
and great job with your ranking too!!!
koheedandkambria writes at 11:47:49pm on 11/19/07
maybe i did...
thats cuz i am a n00b at most all else
and this is all im good at :)
Cowcakes writes at 5:41:01pm on 11/19/07
hakumistninja9 writes at 4:54:36pm on 11/19/07
no you dont know me but you look kool!! ^^
koheedandkambria writes at 10:26:51am on 11/19/07
looks like you didn't go to bed for about another hour. :) hehe. and you are catching up! oh no's!!!