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larry butz
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Hi im andrew, im blah blah blah.
My intrests are cooking and blah blah blah...
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Xiaounlimited writes...
at 8:33:20pm on 7/11/08
It's a triangle, obviously.
Moon Tear writes...
at 10:53:41am on 7/8/08
Your right ;~;
AceJay writes...
at 1:10:50am on 7/8/08
lolhi Larry.
Don't mind me, I'm just indirectly ban-evading. ;3
Moon Tear writes...
at 1:49:08pm on 7/7/08
You leave my blog alone D:
Aki Aki writes...
at 12:08:12am on 7/7/08
I don't plan on playing FFR with anyone until I improve xD I've been playing both stepmania and FFR @_@ I've gotten a bit better.
Kazuric writes...
at 11:55:52pm on 7/6/08
Do you want to play a round of FFR, Larry?
LilyPichu writes...
at 11:56:16pm on 7/5/08
Xiaounlimited writes...
at 11:48:11pm on 7/5/08
Why would you want my number, though?
larry butz writes...
at 11:00:33pm on 7/5/08
Lol maybe another time my ass, Oh well thats ok. I thought it was worth a try before... some stuff happends. XD
Xiaounlimited writes...
at 10:51:00pm on 7/5/08
I didn't leave to go MIA. I quit Anthem, as hard as it is to believe. Quit awhile ago, actually. I often forget it exists now.
As for the numbers, uh... maybe another time.
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