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I've got the glut
Posted on: January 8, 2014, at 02:40:48am   [2 comments]
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Folly writes...
at 2:54:07am on 7/11/19
chuckman writes...
at 12:04:44am on 7/2/19
Fuck, I was worried about you homie!! Im really glad I got a response. Yeah, shits been heavy around here, but its one of those cliche, "one day at a time..." kinda deals. Already lost my dad, not trying to lose anymore close homies. PM for my cell number if you ever wanna reconnect brother. Miss you and much love! (if anything, just keep in contact on here!)
chuckman writes...
at 4:13:10am on 7/1/19
man I fucking miss you...just fucking message me or send me a facebook message if and when you get this.
mrpreggers writes...
at 12:28:18pm on 5/26/19
LMAO i clicked on your profile and while waiting for it to load i said "yo korny is cool as shit"
mrpreggers writes...
at 8:49:14pm on 3/23/19
man you were cool as shit
Folly writes...
at 8:07:02pm on 3/19/19
yo man hit me up sometimes. i wonder about you
chuckman writes...
at 3:12:21am on 8/19/18
Yo...hoping you get this in the best of situations. Just letting you know that my dad got diagnosed with brain cancer about a year ago and shits been rough. itd be nice to hear from you man. I still miss you a ton, my dude.
chuckman writes...
at 2:27:07am on 1/22/18
Yoooooo, Miss you man!! hmu if you get on here any time soon!
choof writes...
at 9:53:10pm on 7/14/17
ayo BUB do you happen to have an extra 6IV ditto sitting around? I'm getting back into pokemon and am currently starting a journey to collect all of them naturally. figured it'd be nice to have one for when I start breeding
Sanjixcon writes...
at 12:34:18am on 11/9/16
dude you are fuckin hilarious :D I love your posts. mmmm and that background 10/10
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