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I don't go by a title, I am just me! I love all of my friends, they are soo much fun to be with! i have had bf's and made some mistakes in my life but i intend to change that! Ask me anything that you want to about me and I'll tell!
Boys!!!, music, and singing((I'm pretty much already being signed on to major stars recored companies))
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I'm not into many chick flicks, smoe are ok..but whatever! I basically like any movie, i like them evern more when i'm with my friends at the scary movies!
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easilyinlove15 writes...
at 6:02:25pm on 7/29/07
easilyinlove15 writes...
at 6:02:14pm on 7/29/07
im not a sex whore
Halofreak4069 writes...
at 1:35:08pm on 6/20/07
a red masterchief corpsehumpping a blue masterchief
Black_shadow_devil writes...
at 8:56:55pm on 6/19/07
lol yup i like shadows XD
Black_shadow_devil writes...
at 12:36:13am on 6/18/07
whats your?
Black_shadow_devil writes...
at 9:35:57pm on 6/17/07
my aim name is shadowbored lol its the only one they had with shadow in it LOL
Black_shadow_devil writes...
at 2:24:13pm on 6/17/07
Black_shadow_devil writes...
at 5:57:31pm on 6/16/07
do u have msn yahoo or aim ?
Black_shadow_devil writes...
at 5:56:13pm on 6/16/07
lol i live in ontario so close to you LOL
Black_shadow_devil writes...
at 11:24:49am on 6/16/07
ic ic coolz umm i don't live in the state i live in canada lol you?
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