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Jenni.23.Proud parent of a beautiful baby boy - Silas. Born on Oct. 25th at 9:17pm 9lbs 10oz 20in long. We couldn't be happier :]. Writer. Thats all you need to know about me before getting to know me :p comment me.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Mother mother fuck. Mother mother fuck fuck. Mother fuck mother fuck. Noise noise noise. 1 2 1 2 3 4 Noise noise noise. Smokin weed, smokin weed. Doin' coke, drinkin beers. Drinkin beers, beers beers. Rollin' fatties, smokin blunts. Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts. Rollin' blunts and smokin um' 15 bucks, little man, put that shit in my hand. If that money doesn't show then you owe me owe me owe. My jungle love. Oh e oh e oh. I think I wanna know ya know ya ... yeah, what.
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My Favorite songs on FFR are the songs that make my fingers dance (:
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Posted on: October 20, 2010, at 10:37:14pm   [4 comments]
-If you are a perv, just dont even bother commenting and/or messaging me.
-Do not hit on me.
-Do not disrespect me.
-If I do not accept your friend request, that does not mean I want you to send me another one. It means I do not want you to contact me in any way what-so-ever.
-I will report you if I find you being inappropriate towards me (of course this does not apply to certain friends lol)

Now please, If you think you are breaking any of my rules in your mind already, go away.


Welcome Back FFR...
Posted on: October 19, 2010, at 05:33:23pm   [3 comments]
I guess lol

Seeing as I haven't been playing much in the past year, my skills have disapoofed!! lol Not to mention the computer that doesn't lag the keyboard is sticky from soda being spilled on it and the computer with the good keyboard lags. Go figure. Nothing has really changed on FFR, same assholes doing the same crap.

I have changed a lot in the past year. I now live in Ohio with my boyfriend Tommy (Xeris or SirThomas) We;ve been living together for a little over a year now. I dropped out of school when I moved here and I am currently in the process of getting my GED. I took the 1st half of the test this past friday and I'm taking the 2nd half this friday WOOHOO!

I am incredibly happy with where I am in my life right now. I'm finally getting my shit together, and I'm finally away from bad situations and bad people.

One thing hasn't changed- I'm still a pot head ^_^ lol

So with that, Hello to certain people(I'm pretty sure you know who you are), and to the rest of you: Kiss my ass and get off my profile :D

Holy Shit My 100th AAA
Posted on: August 21, 2009, at 08:35:14pm   [8 comments]
Maple Leaf Rag
I think that's probably my best AAA so far. I'm proud of it =]

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Cholleypocket writes...
at 12:19:03am on 11/8/14
damn girl you've got some skillzz
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at 7:47:26pm on 3/5/14
yo yooo whats uuup follow me on instagram! :) @ninjatricking
iv been on ffr for many years too! please follow :D!
StallForTime writes...
at 4:18:46pm on 2/11/14
ll sephirothll writes...
at 4:26:09pm on 10/10/13
i see you! but i cant join prochat cause im banned lmfao
Interniment writes...
at 9:15:56pm on 5/8/13
dat looping image...
that808gamer writes...
at 10:52:04pm on 9/20/12
so whens the baby due?
JiZ35 writes...
at 12:51:27am on 8/29/12
Free JiZ53
Ohaider writes...
at 8:15:11pm on 8/19/12
Lololol brilliant
Ohaider writes...
at 4:38:59pm on 8/19/12
I fail to see judgement in my previous comment, aswell as brown nosing. Simply an observation. Kthanks
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 4:09:25pm on 8/19/12
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