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Comment wall
becca love14 writes...
at 1:12:52am on 3/8/09
Well I am so sorry I got disconnected
dabomb943 writes...
at 1:06:36am on 3/8/09
well im on the chat and you arent answering
becca love14 writes...
at 1:05:18am on 3/8/09
Okay well I will but I will be in the chat room (this profile) so if you want to I will be in there.
becca love14 writes...
at 1:01:30am on 3/8/09
Yep. But I havn't on it in a LONG time I dont remember the password. So yeah. Lol, dumb I know well where can we chat at if you still want to talk?
becca love14 writes...
at 12:59:29am on 3/8/09
Wow me too and it wont let me baclk in
well we can still talk if you want to.
becca love14 writes...
at 9:36:19pm on 3/7/09
Hi whats up. And if you want to see what I really look like then go to my profile (becca love) kk ttyl.
cute_wen_u_scream writes...
at 3:27:11pm on 9/2/06
yeah mudvayne rocks....so does the chat thing on your profile...and monkys are okay i guess.
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 10:03:26am on 5/21/06
First person to post on your wall.