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Posted on: February 23, 2008, at 11:22:51am   [0 comments]
ok. so remember how i said i should compare artworks? well here: suprisingly i still had some old scans of really really old artworks, and so here's my new ones and old ones. [lol]. ok please comment it. ^^.

Old Sketch:
i think this one was way back in...2004? 2005? around there xD. bad memory.


New Sketch:
This is most recent, about a week old or so. hehe ^^ enjoy. and compare xD.


So what do you think?

Haven't BEEN on LONG >.<
Posted on: February 21, 2008, at 08:12:20pm   [0 comments]
haha. it's been a couple of months since i've last been on, but then hehe, just came on for a bit to check on some things. i've just cleaned out my folders and things in my room and here are the things i found:

- Anna's "Why sheng is a good friend" paper she wrote for me two years ago xD.

- letters and pictures from the past year.

- old artworks. xD. i so have to post it up and compare it towards how i draw now. lol.

- old certificates [i have too many xD]

- ahh. too many notes were scattered in a box i had xD. i still have to go sort them.

despite all my findings, i'm so busy xD. but catch me here at my official website:


Comment wall
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 7:13:52pm on 2/24/08
*play more ddr and stuff till track, idk bout the summer tho ill prolly work for my dad, babysit my mom's friend's daughter who's 8, summer school prolly, idk what else tho, hmm. You taking any advanced classes next year in highschool btw?
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 7:12:06pm on 2/24/08
hah, thanks! and wow washington dc?! go sheng! i'm not really into politics, doesn't suit me the best i find it kinda boring but that's just my opinion, keep going tho! i tried piano last year during the summer, i kno enough i guess to kno the keys and all but i quit cuz i didn't really like my teacher that much and i didn't practice cuz i didn't like the songs, i would have rather played my own (hehe) but im not amazing at it, right now im teaching myself how to play the violin (the highpitched stuff hurts my ears like heck x.x but i managed) and i want to take viola lessons with this one lady but she's booked right now so yeah, she was gonna get me other ppl but i like her, i've worked with her in the past and she was fun =] i wanna take up saxophone again sometime, but my mom won't let me right now, maybe when im older, i loved playing in band just mr. koleski sucked and i didn't have time to practice =/ oh well. But you sound really busy, me nahhh, ill just be workin out a ton
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 12:35:11pm on 2/24/08
ha, we kinda had fun our coach was a jerk tho, my artwork is alright but idk, i got an art award this year an i get to do some drawing for the school too like to get framed and she chose me, i also supposedly get to help like paint this other thing too so im pretty involved with art this year, eeek! x.x
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 11:33:42am on 2/23/08
oh an nice drawings, you've really improved, still jealous like usual -.- lol
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 11:32:38am on 2/23/08
ha nice, and good luck i got a bball tourney today, we're so gonna lose kinda like we did all season xD
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 9:38:30pm on 2/21/08
hah don't remember that... well actually now i kinda do, Ive been good just hanging with friends, basketball all that good stuff lol can't wait till that new eragon book comes out in september finally!!! There's gonna be four books instead of three, super psyched! How have ya been??
ty1075 writes...
at 11:43:50am on 12/26/07
np =]
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 4:42:29pm on 12/5/07
nooo i haven't worked on it at all since last year D= ive been doin homework an stuff or i just forget haha x.x
Ravenazin100 writes...
at 7:39:56pm on 12/3/07
hah i kno!!! you still need to get aim or something so we can talk on there! i just watched your vid on youtube, you look so diff now =] have fun with homework btw lol i finished before
lil_pandabear writes...
at 1:22:18am on 7/21/07
ur chibi pic is jsut so cute thoooo!!!!! were u get itt!!! i lub it .. if u member dat is
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