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behemoth67fr writes at 11:23:53am on 12/1/11
It was on "Story of the Constellations" ? It's an easy song, but really beautiful to listen. Specially if you love chiptunes.
ShadowSpawn13 writes at 11:16:50am on 12/1/11
congrats on your AAA. :D
saw your name on the main page lol
LeXteR_ writes at 6:19:31pm on 11/30/11
Oh. Having a good computer that doesn't lag helps a lot. I find with some computers I have a hard time getting AAAs. Yeah it's definately a lot of practice. I'm competing under division 3.
Keep FFRing! :D
behemoth67fr writes at 10:07:05am on 11/30/11
Thank's ! I try to do my best. But they're lot of people better than me. I think i will be down after this round.
LeXteR_ writes at 9:42:03am on 11/30/11
You can do it man! Keep playing the new Tourny song! It's a tough one for category 2.
MarioNintendo writes at 11:20:34am on 5/18/11
cool avi. Hope you'll become a veteran soon!