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video games, basketball, football... almost any sports
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ROOOOOOOOCK! NOOO hip hop or rap!!!!!
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d3ad flow3r writes...
at 8:32:47am on 3/28/08
sup its sizzle_sizzle
x After Dawn x writes...
at 3:28:53pm on 1/26/08
That's not Majora, link2777, that's a Skull Kid with Majora's Mask on his face. :P
link2777 writes...
at 3:16:14pm on 10/4/07
THATS MAJORA!!!! i loved majoras mask. n64 pwnsand nice pro
Akatsuki_Tobi writes...
at 5:07:48pm on 9/28/07
Now I'm jelous...
I'm on the third temple right now...made it to the boss but died...T^T
Akatsuki_Tobi writes...
at 5:01:28pm on 9/28/07
I like your avatar!!
The skull kid is awsome...>.>
The whole game is basically awsome
LupineDreamer writes...
at 4:38:00pm on 9/28/07
Hey, it was great playing against you. Your friend request tab isn't showing, so you can just add me.
sizzle_sizzle writes...
at 8:25:53am on 9/4/07
yo gamer
Acefej writes...
at 12:06:30pm on 8/6/07
Thanks, It's from Monster Hunter Dos. I like yours also
scooter12 writes...
at 9:45:40am on 7/31/07
your saying u like animation right i like animation too
scooter12 writes...
at 4:48:13pm on 7/28/07
yea right
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