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Posted on: September 13, 2011, at 02:43:13am


  1. This is beautiful :')

  2. I fap to your profiles regardless of cleavage (or pokemon).

  3. non vet status is the new vet status.


  5. Ecchi bg is ecchi. :33

  6. 5thmoons...

  7. boobs

  8. o

  9. that avatar, holy fuck!

  10. Your profile really does beat all. o_O

  11. oh very nice profile! :D

  12. Happy Halloween XD

  13. iloveyou

  14. Even more boobiessssss.
    Attracting all the males on FFR ;P

  15. DAMACIAAAA!!!! Nice spin-to-win Garen.

  16. :')

  17. Caitlyn lolol, do u play still i never see u on?

  18. pretty sweet profile :P

  19. your profile has just ended world hunger o3o

  20. its weird not seeing those boobs now lol

  21. lol caitlyn

  22. huh.
    Looks a bit like a GUNZ character.
    Who is it?

  23. Aha.

  24. Are there yordle traps on your profile?

  25. ~~~~~ psh. ~~~~~

  26. <3 so. jow have you been?

  27. oh no not you too.. first my roommate, now everyone is LoLing. although it does look pretty addictive. llol

  28. Why don't you take golem buff, then? Your caster surely doesn't need it.

  29. Bother your jungler to give it to you...or do you not have one?

  30. I was tempted to make a joke about you jungling with Cait but decided against it.

  31. lee sin will kill me, cause I play jungle twitch.

  32. Meh, the closest I've ever gotten to that is more of a bruiser build going for atmogs and mallet and stuff like that.

  33. You're missin' tri-force!...:O...O:

  34. Deals extra damage to karthus. :>

  35. it's only for one day xD then switching back!

  36. yes :D

  37. So... many... comments o3o
    Smexy Caitlyn - I don't even play LoL and I know her lol

  38. I like to play nocturne so I can shield it when he tries to kill me with it. :D Most of them get so pissed when I do it, too.

  39. LoL talk :D
    I love using Anivia because of how hard frostbite hits :3
    ps. I luvs your profile

  40. dat azz mmmmm

  41. Grr, makes me want to go back to my main account, I miss the Bird of Prey skin. Although killing bads on my smurf account is still fun since I'm totally out of the loop. Haven't played since Renekton came out.

  42. But that could be anyone since I haven't been keeping track. Then again it doesn't take a rocket scientist to take one look at your profile ;)

  43. o, in that case, IT COULD BE ANYONE! haha I hope it's either Cho, Amumu, Kog, Swain or Teemo since those are a couple champs that I'm pretty good with.


  45. Anything tank is best. :D

  46. lol it is the most pain in the arse carry! Caitlyn, at your service!

  47. I'm forever your stalker.

  48. Hey, no fair! I'm your stalker too~

  49. Love the theme. Very sexy.

  50. My eyes burn every time ಥ_ಥ

  51. It was on the day the RT was made

  52. Wow now, calm your boobs >:3


  54. Plink plink(translation: Your piano just gave me a crescendo)

  55. depends on who i must draw XD

  56. merry christmas XD

  57. -pokes with candy-
    marry xmas O:

  58. aww D:
    what do chu wants?

  59. ooooooh
    thats a hard to get present O:

  60. So as it turns out, Akali is the best champion \o/
    at least imo

  61. Moar moe~
    Merry Christmas :D

  62. I can understand the cash money and to an extent the camera, but a new car!? o__o
    You-... you spoiled person xD
    Was it wrapped lol
    It just turned 12:00 here, but I'm going straight to bed right now and will leave the present opening until the morning comes.

  63. Sick nasty


  65. LOOOOOL.
    Black guys w/ glasses are hawt.

  66. did that rhino just order a drink?

  67. happy new year XD

  68. So are you offering another background and avi along with a sig? or Just a sig?

  69. thanks for letting me know how to reply on people's messages... haha.. I'm such a baby here :) newbie

  70. Deal ^.^

  71. Lol wolf your bet in the jackpot is 1 xD yours is soooooo different from the others :3

  72. orly

  73. yup xD

  74. o
    looks like I'll have to join in!

  75. o.

  76. o_o .... am i .... property? o_o

  77. You will have to ask OWA then~

  78. lmao
    It's addicting to watch it go round and round. :p

  79. Your top friends list...lmao I died.

  80. yay I guessed right ^_^

  81. Okay, the bowser one killed me. I'm still laughing.

  82. trolololololol xDDDD
    Did Gray Fox do that?

  83. This is priceless :')
    We still need a right-facing one though arggggg

  84. I follow a ton of artists.
    The neko gifs are from this website:

  85. Or more specifically,

  86. The flower one is reaaally cute :3

  87. I joined the bandwagon. :3

  88. Rofl, dat Bowser.

  89. lol you saved it

  90. indeed
    Welp looks like this avatar is sticking around for a while, I don't have my old one anymore. TT^TT

  91. Let the games begin..

  92. hey Wolf :D

  93. Dayum, beastly profile. Also, nice cat meng.

  94. Your profile gives me seizures. Dat Bowser.

  95. Oh yay! I was 100. ^_^ What's my prize?

  96. lol changed it right as you added me xD

  97. :') ty xD

  98. hax, looks like it's time to resort to plan b
    Bumpin Techno Beat!

  99. 1: I need a siggy done FOR me since for some reason I just fuck them up. lmao
    2: You're your own friend, HAX.

  100. AIM is justin_ator@yahoo.com
    You'd reach me a lot easier/faster on Skype though if you have it, as I only open AIM when I remember but am ALWAYS on Skype.

  101. ROFL I just saw it. Fuck, that's hilarious.


  103. Feel lucky, that's more than I get. ;P


    I don't always delete single comments,
    but when I do, it's usually for a good reason lol


  107. So clean o_o

  108. ...!?!?
    I realized you changed your avatar, but I didn't know you had a bg to go with it.
    I guess it got deleted before I could see it :P
    And I don't see how icontrolyourworld or xXOpkillerXx can have borderline ecchi profiles if that's unacceptable.

  109. Lololol

  110. It most definitely is lol
    Welp, at least you can plant another character in her place :/


  112. no I really am back. I just don't really feel like doing much here so I logged out.

  113. Bethany says, "My love for you burns with the intensity of a thousand suns."

  114. not stalkersss

  115. <33333

  116. y

  117. because cat?

  118. SO JOOD

  119. Why'd you have to go & double cat me. That's twice the confusion.

  120. the detail gives me tickles in my pants

  121. ⊂(´ω`⊂⌒`つ≡≡≡━━━━

  122.  /l、
    (゚、 。 7
     l、 ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ

  123.  /l、
    (゚、 。 7
     l、 ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ

  124. Whaaaat in the world loooool

  125. Nyan Kitty C:

  126. :3

  127. <(*ΦωΦ*)>
    ....yours is way better xD

  128. SO C00T. I love kitties. <3

  129. This is Greg
     /l、 He wants food. For a mere
    (゚、 。 7 327832123 Creds you can feed
     l、 ~ヽ Greg. Donate to the Wilderness
     じしf_, )ノ Fund (Donations go to Emithith)
    to feed Greg. We appreciate the support.

  130. Oh yeah, and he shat on my profile. I'll need 250 credits to clean up the repairs.

  131. I'm expecting this to fuck up, I just want to see what it looks like, bear with me

  132. \\`'. .-'``'-. .'`// \\`'. .-'``'-. .'`//
    ; ` ` ; ; ' ' ;
    / | | \
    /;, _ _ \ / _ _ ,;\
    |;;' (()__ (() | ()) __()) ';;|
    \ -.__ \_/ __.- \ -.__ \_/ __.- /
    `, .-'/ ;' 7 \'-. ,' `, .-'/ 7 '; \'-. .'
    `-,' `,-' `-.' `.-'
    |`''--''`| |`' --''`|
    ,' ';; ,;;' '.
    , ' ;; ,;' `.
    ,;, \ / ,;,
    ,;;;'` ,; / `';;;,
    ,' ,;;;\;';;. \
    / \ | ';|;' | / ;
    / | | | | | | | \
    .;; | | |

  133. o...

  134. ass > tits

  135. Meow

  136. kitteh

  137. hunter!!! whats up? :D

  138. yea its finally here!! whooooooooooo!!^~^

  139. please standby this profile is still under construction at the mean time please just go straight to commenting
    thank you~

  140. (TεT;)

  141.  /l、
    (゚▽^*) 7
     l、 ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ ...

  142. "hey you guys...lets blow up this comment wall!!!" yea!! XD

  143. aww.....it was a lovely wall...lol you will be missed...lol

  144. :D

  145. Is there something wrong with my background? D:

  146. Ohhh. :P Yeah, I just had to change the quality of the background. It's not as nice, but at least it's something.

  147. Hi wxh

  148. Damn, Hunter. I like it.

  149. hhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  150. lol why you always have to make my day even better? XD

  151. lol I cant leave a comment on your profile

  152.  /l、
    (゚、 。 7
     l、 ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ ...

  153. How is babby formed?

  154. Damn it lol put so I can put a comment on the profile not your random thought lol

  155. sup

  156. TYPE 2 PLZ

  157. WxH I need an update in my kirby profile the FFR Player mess things up er you'll see it when you comment on mine profile lol

  158. ay no worriez son. I'm not pressing you for your generous work hehu

  159. :3

  160. here u go http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e114/Kommisar/asparagus/_113419.png

  161. what do

  162. I only have one option, and that's random thoughts

  163. ait crisis averted. i fixd

  164.  /l、
    (x_ x 7
     l、 ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ ~~~~~~~~


  166. HOT YOU SAY?
    well yeah it'd be hot here, but then the polarbears would die. :c

  167. it's okay I can wait c: plus kirby is still awesome!!! :,>

  168. beautiful...

  169. How was that sarcastic lol I'm serious

  170. 。◕‿◕。 。◕‿◕。 。◕‿◕。

  171. oh fuq there goes my nose again. It leaks blood when I see your profiles. I just saw the preview of kommi's pro

  172. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~Oppan Gangnam Style~

  173. ooo very innovative :3
    + Gangnam style

  174. Op, op op op, oppan wolfxhunter style


  176. no srs open gundam style

  177. <3

  178. haha excellent. I have no idea how to add it tho :x

  179. I have no clue how to respond to that. Wow I am speechless :x

  180. /o/

  181. Where's my subway I'm hungryyyh

  182. dat gif..
    is actually really cool

  183. Can you buy me subway anyway and I'll pay you back later lol

  184. Cept not boobs cos ass>tits. Food. Chicken sandwiches and broccoli with cheese.

  185. wat
    To protect you from arrows to the knee??

  186. open condom style
    my pants are full of jizz from that sexy profile you made kommi

  187. how do make whiter :((

  188. y

  189. I was a little surprised people made profiles for me. The last profile request thread I saw didn't have any replies at all, and I got 2 different profiles lol

  190. chicken wings want you.

  191. yo

  192. :D

  193. The billionth digit of pi is (9)!

  194. Dental floss has superb tensile strength.

  195. now all you need is a profile to go with that avi. lol

  196. mhm.

  197. /o/


  199. dat face change...

  200. i keep all the food to myself. kthnx

  201. フ_フ

  202. Beaten by a little girl :3

  203. jelly-jam...

  204. Hi

  205. meooow~!

  206. Yes because he was using his "own arts" claiming it was his but stealing the original creators and putting it his own portfolio so he got demod and darkshake closed his profile this all happen last year. It all happen in a forum

  207. DarkShark*

  208. It's in TGB but in order to get that you need to go account settings > Group membership > apply TGB Keycard

  209. hi wolfy~

  210. Did you found it?

  211. lul :D

  212. I do not know if you seen this but here ya go http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=127005&page=7
    I remember there is another one but can't seem to find it at the moment haha

  213. Yes Zag just told me that in prochat lmao.

  214. hi annie !!

  215. Haha i know, ive always been the only girl in my classes :P

  216. Roses are red.
    My name is Dave.
    This poem doesn't make sense.

  217. http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showpost.php?p=3854374&postcount=1
    I got third place for best avatar /o/

  218. okay thanks for the heads up!

  219. ah it's alright don't worry about it. Just unexpecting ,ost of the times

  220. it looks amazing already o_o

  221. Yes. I like it. You hath made that beautiful profile?

  222. I would like to give you credit of such a masterpiece :')

  223. but why o.o

  224. ~\(o.o)/~ *shrugs*

  225. On my I might get slap by a girl if they think I am

  226. Indeed ^.^

  227. Hey wolfxhunter :D are you rlly making free profiles o.o?

  228. awesome :D i was wondering if you could make a profile about samus aran from metroid o3o?

  229. Ok thank you :)

  230. Jonathan is my valentine. U jelly?

  231. OMG YAY ^.^ congrats

  232. harsh

  233. ok

  234. :/

  235. Yay looks like its gonna be :o

  236. Is it possible to pm to me?! My Skype is messed up I can only access it on my ipad

  237. Food? Only thing I have at the moment is ice cream :0

  238. Might not like it >,>

  239. Is it supposed to have white a white bg for the avi?

  240. Then have as much as you want ~

  241. Indeed.

  242. .deergA

  243. Certainly

  244. Hmmm sure :B

  245. I mean no no xD not ice cream lol

  246. Because I don't want to be eaten (≧σ≦)

  247. I do :0 it iiiiis meganekko.moe

  248. Lol yep :B

  249. i don't play LoL

  250. still offering profiles? i'll take one :) Riven or caitlyn from League of Legends please.

  251. Yes, but do you have the profile.

  252. :c missed my chance to get a sexy WxH theme without fishing for n00ds.

  253. >:(

  254. It looks amazing^ o^)/ and ok:3

  255. you know what you did

  256. ps this isn't 8 days late or anything what are you talking about

  257. pps that gif is amazing

  258. Half the time I land on my feet (゜▽゜;)

  259. Hmmmmm nope (^ ^)

  260. I'll say yes if you give me a taco (* v * )

  261. Lol share the taco now?

  262. Oh! Sweet!

  263. that mustache cat made me laugh so hard

  264. jonathan

  265. well thank you for that :D how have you been? haven't seen you much

  266. aww thats no fun. whats your major?

  267. awesome =] someone's a smartie. i'm a chemistry major. just got my associates degree in december. working a lot right now and saving up to start my bachelors in the fall :D

  268. looks like you've done a lot of growing up. i remember you used to be such a prick :p

  269. who's the lucky guy?

  270. :p awww cute. i'm just a good person. always have been. i'll be nice till i feel like you don't deserve it

  271. okay with the friendzone :p thats good. hope nothing gets in the way of that. one of my best friends is a gay guy. we have 0 attraction to each other though. its nice

  272. girls ain't nothing but trouble!!

  273. told you. <3

  274. can i have a free bg with goffballz' face on it ty have a nice day

  275. STRANGER DANGER. Although I admit... you did give me a good thumbing...

  276. Dubstep cat eh

  277. hey

  278. How are you?

  279. Have you slept?

  280. Are you that busy that you can't get a good rest or just too much on your mind?

  281. mfw

  282. wolf~!!;3

  283. how you been?

  284. [lost me for a sec...lol but im back]are you angry birds or something?

  285. give me your soul

  286. How much does it cost? :c

  287. ur graphics are the best

  288. the original duck face

  289. holy shit Herogashix's profile surprised me. Good job.

  290. make another random thought so i don't have to scroll down so far xD


  292. That... that would be delightful... !

  293. ⋱ ⋮ ⋰.
    ⋯ ☀ ⋯¨. ︵..............................................^v^
    ¨︵¸︵( ░░ )︵.︵.︵..............^v^.
    (´░░░░░░ ') ░░░' ).

  294. If i can have your shopping skills for just a day, yeah that'd be great.

  295. (*POKED*) that's yours to keep for now...and haisX3

  296. where you been wolfy^~^


  298. Now if I could just get someone to make me a badass background to match, I'd be set haha.

  299. Wat

  300. wat

  301. Lady's man

  302. dem tits

  303. lolz

  304. Hello. how are you doing? :)

  305. Teach me how to make amazin' profiles <3

  306. I would love that.

  307. What? o.o

  308. Ohhh. Ahaha. Im only good at CtB. >.< ^.^

  309. o

  310. I'll try my best to help you install it :'3

  311. Well hello again. :D

  312. I posted to the wrong thingy by accident I just noticed. :c
    How are you? :P

  313. Me too. Thinking I have the flu. :P

  314. jero squirticus

  315. There was a certain birthday vid that a certain ffr member made for you that showed that name lol

  316. There was a certain birthday vid that a certain ffr member made for you that showed that name lol

  317. KH>squirtle

  318. yes...boobs are good >w<

  319. (¬‿¬)

  320.  /l、
    (゚、 。 7
     l、 ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ

  321. What up

  322. Bet it's gonna be sexy

  323. I'm jealous

  324. Why is that?

  325. I don't have people drawing things for me thus I'm jelly

  326. Indeed it does. How's life been for you man?

  327. Sorry, Jonathan is the property of Sarah Morgan Yeckley.

  328. ill gift you RP if you make me one. :)
    but yes, it's dope.

  329. Happy birthday

  330. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  331. nooooooononononononono

  332. yolo swag

  333. you need your comment wall i hate commenting on random thoughts lolol

  334. you need your comment wall i hate commenting on random thoughts lolol

  335. Oh yes I've notice, its been a while!

  336. aarrghh

  337. Heya.

  338. You're bootiful its true

  339. Yis 8)

  340. :^]

  341. this profile is somewhat very pleasing to look at :v

  342. Havent seen that in forever

  343. heya <3

  344. Yeet’th