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Updated F.A.Q. (For Multiplayer) - 9/26/08
Posted on: September 26, 2008, at 10:43:47am

Here is a special FAQ written for all you newcomers (and people who are curious). (These apply to Multiplayer.)Please read before asking me any questions.

Before asking any questions, and before reading this FAQ, please read the FFR Multiplayer Complete Guide and rules thread in the forums. If you do not know where to find them, copy and paste the following link into your web browser. Take out any spaces that might occur within the link:

Q: What does mod stand for?
A: Moderator.

Q: What are mods?
A: They can mute, ban or kick you when you do something against the rules.

Q: How do you become mod?
A: The admins and other mods appoint you.

Q: Can I become a mod?
A: No.

Q: What do you have to do to become a mod?
A: Nothing. You can't promote yourself. And if you ask to become one, your chances of becoming one are forever gone. Some tips, however, is to not be annoying, know the FFR rules, be able to play decently at FFR, contribute to discussions, and help other people. It is also important to make yourself known to the FFR regulars and have a good reputation. There is nothing else anyone can do to help you.

Q: Can mods make other people mods?
A: No.

Q: What's your name?
A: Kat, short for Katherine. Not to be confused with Kat-, who's real name is Maddie.

Q: How old are you?
A: 18.

Q: Are you a bot?
A: No. I'm a real person.

Q: Do you have a life?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you single?
A: Yes, stop asking.

Q: Can you kick/mute me?
A: No, but I will ban you on request. Also, if you try anything to get you to be kicked on purpose, it will be automatic ban.

Q: Can you ban >insert username here< he/she was >insert what he was doing wrong<?
A: Only if you send me a screen shot. You can PM me or IM me or something. All of my contact information is on the site and is easy to find.

Q: How long are bans/mutes?
A: All bans and mutes are now able to be time specified. It ranges from 2 minutes to 100 years, depending on the severeness of your act.

Q: How long am I banned for and why was I banned?
A: You can ask these questions individually through FFR profiles, PMs, instant messaging, and even e-mail. I can definitely tell you how long you have been banned for, but I might not be able to tell you why you were banned. There are a lot of people who break the rules daily, and it's hard to keep track of all of them. If I can't tell you why you were banned, you might want to take a look at the rules and figure out what you did wrong so you do not get banned in the future.

Q: Can you clear the chat?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the trainer/spam/do something stupid?
A: Not unless you want me to ban you.

Q: Can you send me some credits?
A: No. Earn them yourself.

Q: Can you do a bomb/slap?
A: Yes, however, conditions in the amount of people in the room matter. We try to do these when there aren't as many people in the room so it does not cause too much chaos.

Q: Can you show a picture/video?
A: Yes, if they are appropriate content for FFR (Anything PG-13 and under, this has exceptions and a mod's words are final.) Also, videos will have to be in a ".swf" format, which means it has to be in Flash in order for it to work in Multiplayer. Just give me the link to either your picture or video and I will gladly show it if time/situations permit.

A: Most likely, you were on that account and your internet connection broke off, or the server crashed for a few seconds, and therefore, made your account "stuck" in the room. If your username is stuck in the lobby, get on another account and tell me if I'm in Multiplayer, or you can PM me/profile comment me whenever this happens. If your username is stuck in a room while you were playing or chatting with another player, you would have to contact Scottish or Tasselfoot in order to get your username taken out. If they are not available, just wait 15-20 minutes and your username will be autokicked. That means, if your username is inactive for 15-20 minutes, your username will automatically be kicked out of the lobby or the game room regardless of the situation.

Q: What are tokens?
A: You will be able to find them in various places on FFR. You have to look for them yourself.

Q: Where can I find tokens?
A: Do not ask where to find them. And even more, don't answer when people ask. You WILL be banned.

Q: Will you play me?
A: Most likely no. Unless you asked me while I'm allowed to, have free time and/or your MP level is above an 18.

Q: Can you tell me how to ban people?
A: Only mods can, so don't even think about it.

Q: Can you tell me how to bomb/slap people?
A: Only mods can do that too, so you can't.

Q: Can we use HTML?
A: Nope. The furthest you can go would be to do <,>, and ".

Q: Can you make my font colored?
A: No.

Q: Why is your text red?
A: It is our default color.
*Still the default, but we can change that without having to put in the code everytime now.*

Q: Can you change your text color?
A: Yes, we can change our color, size, and font style.
*There is rainbow font now.

Q: Don't ban me, alright?
A: I won't unless you do something wrong. But don't promote yourself and try to suck up.

Q: Do you get paid for being a mod?
A: No.

Q: Are you the creator of the game?
A: No, Synthlight is.

Q: Who else is a mod?
A: Scottish (now MP admin), Kat-, Kit-, Sprite-, Rebirth0, DrugstoreCowboy,darkshark, DJ_Swabber, Shashakiro and I are all the mods. The administrators obviously have mod powers too.

Q: Why are there so few mods?
A: It takes a while for the username thing to be created to enable the modship, and that will just increase the amount on staff. Also, there has to be certain people who are eligible for the job. There probably won't be any new ones for a while. However, mods volunteer their own time to the site, and therefore, go on whenever they can.

Q: I saw someone breaking the rules. How do I report them?
A: Best thing to do is to take a screen shot. On your keyboard, you will be "Print Screen | SysRq" next to your F12 key and Scroll Lock. Press that button to copy the image shown on your computer screen. Next, open up a picture program like Paint and Right click, "Paste" the screen shot. You will see the image. Save it. From there, you can either send it to me as a file on AIM, MSN, or e-mail (all found on the site), or upload it as a link on imageshack or photobucket and PM it to me on FFR.

Q: What is your contact information?
A: AIM: One More Lovely
MSN: windscarredfaith@gmail.com
E-mail: windscarredfaith@flashflashrevolution.com

Q: What does BoS stand for?
A: BoS stands for Ban on Sight. It means anyone who is "BoS" has committed multiple offenses against the rules, and are basically banned whenever they are seen in Multiplayer. This will not occur as much now, since ban lengths can be lengthened, but the term still exists.

Q: What does UUA stand for?
A: UUA stands for Underage User Alert. Other than the actual game itself, anywhere else on FFR is supposedly for ages 13 and older. (There are exceptions.) However, this is to ensure the safety upon the user, and FFR as well. Please do not try to argue this.

Q: Why do mods have to be such assholes?
A: Because we're doing our job. ;]

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