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This Missing Embrace...
Posted on: November 1, 2010, at 05:47:00pm

These endless tears drips for eternity.
The everlasting night.
Something is Missing.
Something is Gone...

Sleeping a worthless night in torment.
Living a lie shedding tears in lament.
Leaving a tempest to be unveiled.
As you died so cold, fragile, and frail.

The sun rises and I spend my morning in the days misery.
If everything just dismisses at least it will let me be me.
Another day has gone astray.
Another soul left so cold and gray.

Can't you see?
Someone set my mind free.
Everywhere I look. There's nothing to be said.
Living for nothing is something I have come to dread.

The dream once again dies.
Leaving me with nothing but lies.
These feeling I've never ever shown.
Have remained unknown.

So much pain...
So many tears...
How do you bare?
To live in fear...

Nic come back...
"I'll carry all your pain. If I could only see you again..."

(Just Something I Wrote When I Got Bored...)

  1. wow ...nice