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Im troy. held back. fuck math. I have alot of people that try and control me, speaking of girls. There just fucked up, except for these chicks- Paige<3 Nicole<3 Kendra<3 And Tara<3. Im single dude. Hit this shit up.
everything. little wayne is amazing.
Fav Music:
Lil Wayne, scerew everything else.
Fav Movies:
I dig the comedy. Love action. I'll go for the scary.
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Paiiige writes...
at 8:31:05pm on 12/18/09
Wishing You Were Here.
Paiiige writes...
at 7:00:55pm on 11/19/09
Troy! :D
Paiiige writes...
at 4:07:49pm on 11/15/09
b-ballbabe_Anna writes...
at 10:38:05am on 10/26/09
Hey I haven't talked to u in a while
bre_bre01 writes...
at 5:39:47pm on 10/4/09
i my cheerleading uniform paraticeing for the game thats coming up and whys that gourgous
xxbreaddxx writes...
at 3:41:53pm on 10/3/09
lololol . i knoow . my internet is down so im barely onn :o hahah . so yeah whats poppin with you ?
xxbreaddxx writes...
at 11:11:35pm on 9/18/09
HEEEEY ! Daaammnn its been forevveerr
bre_bre01 writes...
at 7:09:17pm on 6/23/09
xXxLunarBlackRosexXx writes...
at 7:38:01pm on 5/25/09
not too much, just profile hopping xD
xXxLunarBlackRosexXx writes...
at 7:29:51pm on 5/25/09
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