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Rapta writes at 2:55:05pm on 11/15/18
Fuckijng amazing profile
jductape writes at 11:36:02am on 8/14/12
Yo! Congrats on crushing the tiebreaker!!
Infinity. writes at 12:47:05am on 8/5/12
score buddies~~
ReikonKeiri writes at 5:12:10am on 7/30/12
nice vet status. gl in tournament
ice_lazer3 writes at 11:28:14pm on 7/28/12
Congrats on vet status! And nice AAA on this round's song, I'm hoping I can do that for the next round :P
MakeMeBadd writes at 4:34:41pm on 7/28/12
Congrats on becoming Veteran.
My path is still long ;p
Cardman. writes at 8:42:23am on 7/28/12
Congratulations on achieving veteran status! :-)
obsidionking writes at 1:54:32am on 7/28/12
thanks for the vote breh
Infinity. writes at 1:16:06am on 7/22/12
yeah, i don't know what was supposed to be tricky. the roll? definitely thought last round was much more challenging
Infinity. writes at 1:08:40am on 7/22/12
you and i are str8 chillin' for the next 6 days