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Hi, my name is Max. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave a comment on my wall. I'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible!
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Metamashcore, chiptune, pitch-matched gabber kicks
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A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX)Trance18-05-13
Monkey IslandChiptune07-04-14
Flame RepellentChiptune08-10-14
i wanna fuck the moonChiptune26-02-17
Breaka RailwayChiptune22-07-17
The Candy Corn WitchChiptune31-10-18
Comment wall
RainRuby writes at 2:48:11pm on 5/24/19
Thanks for the comment! :P
gold stinger writes at 6:53:37am on 5/17/19
when he update the profile
Blackskull305 writes at 11:54:36pm on 5/6/19
Perfect, thanks for the quick response!!
Blackskull305 writes at 10:19:42pm on 5/6/19
Hey Prawn, skill token question for you: I obtained 65 unique AAAs either yesterday or the day b4 (can't remember), but I still haven't unlocked Coactive [Over my Shoulder Mix]. Do you know why that might be?
Rapta writes at 5:09:31pm on 4/24/19
I'm so happy my fingers are actually listening to me~
Matthia writes at 10:37:49am on 4/24/19
Drayk writes at 3:01:35pm on 4/11/19
Haha thanks my dude - I'm obsessed! :D So, thanks for all you do to make this game awesome hehe :3 And TY about Cruel Whole, jacks are my thang :P
Drayk writes at 2:47:03pm on 4/11/19
TY for the upvote Mr. Admin :) Also nice Tsukasa picture. Best music in any anime IMO, .hack//SIGN. Peace!
MI4 REAL writes at 8:28:12am on 4/7/19
Petition to rename style of "DT Rabbit Blood Festival" to "KillRabbits"...which is what it was before someone on this site became a party-pooper.
aryaofdruids writes at 9:27:38pm on 4/2/19
So I log in for the first time in years...literally and see that I actually have a comment on my wall. Pretty sure it's from 10 years ago. I don't know you but thanks!