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Hi, my name is Max. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave a comment on my wall. I'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible!
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Breaka RailwayChiptune22-07-17
The Candy Corn WitchEnergetic Chiptune31-10-18
Tope DogeKK Ditty21-09-19
The Day The Sun ExplodedChiptune27-07-20
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Posted on: October 18, 2019, at 07:57:22pm   [2 comments]


#1 - [17] [174] Neurostreamz, 11/19
#2 - [17] [171] Burning Arena UKF Arena 2016, 11/19
#3 - [17] [180] Bloody Hell Mate, 01/20
#4 - [17] [175] Life is a Beach, 01/20
#5 - [17] [173] Animaniacs, 07/20
#6 - [17] [175] Cannot Escape Your Love, 07/20
#7 - [17] [180] Modern Witchcraft, 07/20


None yet!

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JurseyRider734 writes at 10:28:37pm on 10/25/20
Hi this is jurs
csoup1414 writes at 4:56:10pm on 9/27/20
Yeah yeah lol
albyknight writes at 12:19:08pm on 9/1/20
Hey thanks for leaving a like on my profile! :3
danredge writes at 8:05:52pm on 8/27/20
Ohhh New Avatar 0_0
Devilchilly writes at 1:15:21am on 8/27/20
thanks for the congratz, cheers! <3
Rapta writes at 8:54:22pm on 8/19/20
Very grande.
HammyMcSquirrel writes at 11:30:57am on 8/11/20
Oh! That's a great feature! I'm assuming that doesn't remove the account from the individual song level ranks, though? (Sorry, I should have been more specific!)
If a score wipe is the only way to remove an account from the individual song rankings then that's the route I'd like to take. Just let me know if I understand that correctly and I'll send the PM. Thank you!
HammyMcSquirrel writes at 4:52:57pm on 8/10/20
Hey! I have a small collection of alts (most from probably a decade ago) that could be score wiped. I figured I'd do my part to help clean up the leaderboards a bit. Let me know when you have the time and I'll send you a PM with the info. (Or I can message you on Discord about it, whatever is more convenient for you.)
VisD writes at 3:00:03am on 8/9/20
lamuscore is a hella fun chart and song, ty
FlynnMacAlt writes at 3:08:00pm on 8/1/20