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What is the point of playing Dance Dance Revolution with a keyboard? Unless you're so fat you can't move your body.
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A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX)Trance18-05-13
Monkey IslandChiptune07-04-14
Flame RepellentChiptune08-10-14
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smartdude1212 writes at 2:32:01pm on 12/16/14
Big Brother is watching you.
ThunderFlip writes at 9:17:06pm on 12/15/14
Your choice has got me playing randoms from 75-85, and I haven't been uber wrecked by anything tonight except Pants, lol.
_Zenith_ writes at 9:24:56pm on 12/14/14
None of us have received your song selection for some reason, would you mind PM'ing me the selection instead? Thanks!
grizz13114 writes at 2:22:18pm on 12/12/14
Just got my all-skill token in the mail today :D Was so excited to see it! Thanks :D
klimtkiller writes at 8:21:39am on 12/3/14
according to my profile votes, you should be called happy haloween o.O
s1rnight writes at 10:50:19pm on 12/2/14
( ¯u¯) i did it .. . .
ThunderFlip writes at 8:53:08am on 12/1/14
It's no problem. I missed it as well because the extension threw me off. Southern Cross will be good practice, haha.
CarCrash101 writes at 12:36:22am on 11/30/14
Thanks for the vote !!!
Racquel writes at 9:00:29pm on 11/26/14
See! that wasn't that hard now was it? now your stat bar looks better ;)
Hazelle writes at 7:18:57pm on 11/25/14
I would say dogs rule and cats drool but....recently the bf saved a cat so we have a new addition haha. His name's Riley and his follow up vet visit after the initial one deemed him healthy :D 3 something pounds.