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FFR Overall Rank:1,164
FFR Average Rank:656
FFR Grandtotal:5,503,438,555
FFR Games Played:6,258
FFR Multiplayer Level:15
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About me:
Hello! Max. 19. Like so many others before me, I take pride in smashing arrows to anime music slightly above the average threshold of society. I'm currently studying Computer Science at SFU.
Fav Music:
Electro Swing, Nu Disco, Deep House, Chiptune, Lolicore
Member for: 3.53 years
Gaming Region:Canada
Location:Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Last Activity:04-24-2014
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Skype! Skype:maxproske
PrawnSkunk's Gameplay Stats Today
373 / 1541
1224 / 1541
Tier Points
74 / 1000
PrawnSkunk's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX)Trance18-05-13
Monkey IslandChiptune07-04-14
Random Thoughts
Posted on: January 27, 2014, at 11:04:31pm   [12 comments]
My Quest:
In 2013, I embarked upon an epic quest to conquer Division 4, and enlist within the ranks of the Masters skill bracket by the new year. My quest proved fruitful - so I am left with no choice but to task myself with an even greater challenge! By the new year of 2015, I will put up the strongest fight to prove myself as an FFR Guru.

Wish me luck on this Random Thought! :)

Best AAA: (66) Defection / (66) Black Key Etude
Best Flag: (71) Future Destination [1-0-0-0]

Best Scores
(79) The Bird's Poisoned Bathwater [12-0-1-1]
(77) Skeletor [6-0-0-1]
Comment wall
NeonSM writes at 5:35:43pm on 4/24/14
Definitely! Those ending jumps are nuts. I Look forward to seeing your progression! Let me know when ever you get a new FMO AAA, it could light a fire under my butt to start getting some more as well :)
NeonSM writes at 5:29:58pm on 4/24/14
Nice black key etude AAA man :)
Zetaborge writes at 4:39:30am on 4/22/14
I would love to have Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year token ^_^
choof writes at 8:17:49pm on 4/16/14
skype is chooferz
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 9:24:38am on 4/16/14
Thats good to hear! I hope exams arent too stressful when they come around. How many exams do you have? Just the three? You should chill in PC now that thats up again (woot)!
Im doing well too, i just want enough money to go buy an AN ticket, i know my dad wont buy me one this year but i think im gunna ask on easter or use the easter money i get to purchase one. Are you going to AN :D
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 9:32:55am on 4/15/14
hii :) how are youu
Rapta writes at 12:41:35am on 4/14/14
Glad that we can be good friends~
ohsosilly writes at 12:38:50am on 4/14/14
thanks for being friends with me again <3
Arrow Eater writes at 7:05:14pm on 4/13/14
Awe! Well hey! At least you're going out and getting some fresh air!
Arrow Eater writes at 5:48:23pm on 4/13/14
How are you? :)