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What is the point of playing Dance Dance Revolution with a keyboard? Unless you're so fat you can't move your body.
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Posted on: May 31, 2014, at 01:44:58am   [4 comments]
Every arrow is a chance to improve, but between every arrow is an infinite void of boos.

1. (66) Defection
2. (66) Black Key Etude
3. (68) Destination Of The Heart
4. (66) Jeanie and Caroline
5. (67) Toki
6. (67) Fast Asleep
7. (67) ETERNAL DRAIN [Heavy]
8. (68) VS Boss Battle
9. (73) Valhalla
10. (69) Miss Candy on TV
12. (66) Within Life
13. (67) Epilogue
14. (66) Rottel-da-station
15. (72) Exclusive Utopia
16. (68) Mellann
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gold stinger writes at 2:22:28am on 11/24/14
makes me feel kinky for some reason
ThunderFlip writes at 4:48:06pm on 11/23/14
Let's see. #1 weakness would probably have to be jumpstream with offbeat jumps, also any long jacks (4-6 in a row is usually my limit at most speeds). I also have trouble with minijacks that have jumps attached to them (like in Starry Sky or Gruntilda's Final Battle) and [14][23] or [13][24] jumptrills.
For strengths, pretty much anything that's single note stream or minijacks. I do well with really random rhythm songs and grace notes don't usually bother me (probably because those files tend to be less dense). I tend to follow 12th note songs better (purple arrows OP). I can read stream up to about 210-220 bpm. That's all I could think of, hopefully it's useful to you.
trashboat writes at 6:29:04pm on 11/21/14
hi new friend!! i am so new. I NEED THE 411
ThunderFlip writes at 5:37:50pm on 11/20/14
For your convenience (if you care to use it) I'll keep replays of my most recent score for the Helping Hand tourney. Nice pick, btw. XD
ThunderFlip writes at 4:02:44pm on 11/18/14
It would be an honor, kind sir. :)
gold stinger writes at 6:46:34am on 11/11/14
gold stinger writes at 1:29:48pm on 11/10/14
I dreamt about your avatar last night
choof writes at 12:40:08pm on 11/9/14
Fivezero writes at 12:08:11am on 11/6/14
Pretty good... just mindlessly slapping at my keyboard
Fivezero writes at 11:57:37pm on 11/5/14
Someone else from B.C.! neato
Also hi