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Posted on: April 19, 2015, at 11:51:55pm   [2 comments]
Newest SDG distinguished by *

Difficulty 81+ SDGs (10):
(81) 44 Edit [2-0-1-1]
(81) -+ [4-0-2-0]
(81) Ah Shwe Bah [5-0-1-1]
(81) Purple Drank [6-0-1-1]
(81) Halcyon [xi] [9-0-0-1]
(82) Casino fire Kotomi-chan [3-0-2-0]
(82) Cold Heart [4-0-0-3]
(83) Sleepmix Strikes Back [4-0-0-0]
(83) Goblin [4-1-0-0]
(84) Milky Blue [6-0-0-3]

Other Personal Bests:
(82) 11ELEVEN [8-0-2-4]
(83) Lawn Wake II [9-0-3-1]
(84) Dishevel [8-0-2-0]
Comment wall
Tsniper writes at 8:07:34pm on 10/4/15
Thank you! :D
Frank Munoz writes at 2:09:40am on 9/30/15
ii can;t believe you
Frank Munoz writes at 2:02:04am on 9/30/15
is that a ffr term. is this a test
i mean i guess i did iono
Frank Munoz writes at 1:52:13am on 9/30/15
Cold Kitten writes at 11:25:00pm on 9/17/15
.Gazelle. writes at 10:21:52am on 9/13/15
only took a year of d5/6 limbo :^)
ItsOnlyDanO writes at 5:29:42am on 9/10/15
There's a glitch with legacy, if you quickly start a file again just after it's ended and before the rank/best rank appears, ffr still thinks your playing the same game (hence why 7000 games played appeared three times) It still shows that you've restarted that many times though.
it also explains why my games played is in general a lot less than it should be
FFR Pro 21 writes at 9:04:21pm on 8/3/15
Thanks, glad you enjoyed the run PS. :)
Cold Kitten writes at 10:24:26pm on 7/19/15
aw, you did change your avatar c: <3
_Zenith_ writes at 3:39:59pm on 7/16/15
Oh I see! I actually do have it to just show age; thank you again for the response!