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What is the point of playing Dance Dance Revolution with a keyboard? Unless you're so fat you can't move your body.
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A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX)Trance18-05-13
Monkey IslandChiptune07-04-14
Flame RepellentChiptune08-10-14
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Newest SDG distinguished by *

Difficulty 79+ SDGs (15):
(79) Reality [3-0-1-0]
(79) Ketsarku Mozgalom [6-0-0-0]
(79) Resistance 4 [8-0-0-0] *
(79) Magical Higan Tour 2009 [8-0-0-1]
(80) Pandemonium [3-0-0-0]
(80) The Bird's Concrete Nosedive [2-1-0-1] *
(80) Schur's Theorem [7-1-0-0]
(80) honki sentai majirenjaa [7-0-1-2]
(81) 44 Edit [2-0-1-1]
(81) -+ [4-0-2-0]
(81) Purple Drank [6-0-1-1]
(82) Casino fire Kotomi-chan [3-0-2-0]
(82) Cold Heart [4-0-0-3]
(83) Sleepmix Strikes Back [4-0-0-0]
(83) Goblin [4-1-0-0]

Other Personal Bests:
(82) 11ELEVEN [8-0-2-4]
(83) Lawn Wake II [9-0-3-1]
(84) Dishevel [8-0-2-0]
(84) Milky Blue [8-0-4-2]
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My goal for 2015 is to step the shit out of everything with a waveform.

[ Haven't Started | In Progress | In Batch | Accepted ]

2014 May / June Batch:
$44,000 - PISSCORD

2015 January / February Batch:
Tilde - Breaka Railway
Tom Miller - Darkroot Forest
Maxo - Tope Doge

2015 March / April Batch:
keffie - $ MOLOCH $
Fearofdark - Birth of a Universe
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TheSaxRunner05 writes at 8:15:35pm on 4/17/15
I just applied several scores through the unrecorded scores form and had a suggestion. I had to add the amazings to the perfects every single song, would there be an option for amazings that will simply add the A+P automatically. Just a small thing that's all.
I pulled my scores from the FFR scores thread, it might be who of someone to get other people's scores from the thread too, if there's any way I could help let me know.
PhantomPuppy writes at 2:49:31pm on 4/16/15
oh crap lol, musta made a mistake. want me to resend it?
Rapta writes at 8:06:28pm on 4/12/15
"Requesting/posting this kind of content is not allowed" What a badass! ^o^
mrpreggers writes at 1:18:41am on 4/6/15
nice ass
EtienneSM writes at 5:17:24pm on 4/3/15
Actually, never mind. I put in two averages when I didn't have any at first.
EtienneSM writes at 5:11:21pm on 4/3/15
I must have added the perfects and amazings wrong. Oops!
Godnick writes at 4:52:43pm on 4/3/15
Oh my gosh, LOL. That was a huge mistake, definitely did not mean to send a AAA or anything of that origin, I wish! Thought I reviewed each sent score what the heck lol. Resending
Poison- writes at 1:18:55pm on 4/3/15
Oh wait, I have 3 clean on CCCP anyways. I forgot! Don't update that please!
Poison- writes at 1:15:50pm on 4/3/15
Ohhh oops I put the amazings in the perfect slot. Oops. I'll send it again. Thanks.
Zapmeister writes at 4:56:52pm on 4/1/15