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DDR_Mike writes...
at 4:14:32pm on 7/9/07
u r ver cool
DarkTekkenLord writes...
at 12:09:35am on 5/24/07
im brandon i voted thumbs up can u vote thumbs up 4 me please
Trustfull writes...
at 1:56:30pm on 5/13/07
sc979 writes...
at 3:10:28pm on 5/4/07
I'll need a road map first
Unreal_the_first writes...
at 7:39:10pm on 4/20/07
mine is {blaze} :)
FunkRenz writes...
at 9:19:49pm on 4/16/07
Replying to your ice fishing invitation:
Of course! I look forward to it
Nevlusti writes...
at 2:08:45pm on 4/10/07
brrr to you too :P
conentyrson13 writes...
at 1:52:16pm on 4/10/07
freakysnots writes...
at 10:57:03pm on 4/9/07
omg i know who he is
jonnythunder10 writes...
at 1:59:38pm on 4/9/07
umm yes it is snowing actually???
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