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About me:
im mostly an indoor person playing all sorts of different games, but i do have an outside life too, not a big 1 though =D.
im into all sports except soccer, i play electric guitar and bass guitar, but im usally stuck playing FFR at the end of the day
Fav Music:
im not much of a music listener but i do listen to lil bit of it
Fav Movies:
click, little man, finding nemo =D.
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BerZerkR writes...
at 5:33:41pm on 4/7/09
PenguinHead writes...
at 1:04:53am on 4/7/07
My favorite song is Snowflakes. What's yours?
Calico_1 writes...
at 1:15:04pm on 4/6/07
Feed me please
ZZ_DDRandFFRmaniac writes...
at 11:40:47am on 2/16/07
hey. wow we havnt talked in a while lol. oh and i got new accounts btw. add me on them. they r...
ZZ_Arrow-Maniac< br /> and...
*~ULT!M@T3~R@V3R ~*
6 p01nt3d*st@r writes...
at 3:47:09pm on 1/30/07
Windscarredfaith writes...
at 8:18:01pm on 12/24/06
Unreal!!!!! I haven't seen you in forever!! Where have you been lately???!! Happy Holidays, nevertheless!
i love you writes...
at 1:06:26am on 11/19/06
lumphoboextreme writes...
at 5:12:10pm on 9/29/06
haha im a few ranks better than u overall
ichliebekase writes...
at 8:04:23am on 9/3/06
ZZ_DDRandFFRmaniac writes...
at 11:21:07am on 9/2/06
u still gots to add me as ur buddy :)
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