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infinity. writes...
at 8:25:50am on 8/1/13
yessir! see you then!
infinity. writes...
at 12:11:35pm on 7/29/13
;) and then you'll destroy me in every game we play hahaha
infinity. writes...
at 11:05:32am on 7/29/13
gotcha! we'll just go with the flow, i'll be easy to spot -- i'm really tall and have reddish hair haha
infinity. writes...
at 8:58:27am on 7/29/13
OH PS im a vegetarian haha. im really flexible aside from that
infinity. writes...
at 5:33:51am on 7/29/13
haha ximen is the closest i can think of, but that's not too bad by mrt imo
infinity. writes...
at 10:34:25am on 7/28/13
sounds like a plan! maybe hit up an arcade or dinner?
infinity. writes...
at 8:13:06am on 7/28/13
want to plan ahead by like 3 days? like thursday or friday or saturday? being ahead probably helps me haha!
infinity. writes...
at 11:56:40am on 7/27/13
hey so i already have plans to go to 宜蘭 for the day, but i can meet you literally any day haha. i'm so sorry for being so flaky!
infinity. writes...
at 10:53:25am on 7/26/13
i'm free tomorrow haha! or sunday or whatever. whatever is best for you. i didn't get this message until now! feel free to send me a text if it's more convenient haha
infinity. writes...
at 10:35:22am on 7/20/13
i'm here until the 17th of august haha. so i have plenty of time! my taiwanese number is 0988894187 if that's easier for you haha
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