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Hey. I'm Steven, 18 years old, from Taiwan and currently studying at McGill University. I am deeply embarrassed about my username.
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Hateandhatred writes...
at 5:48:54pm on 8/18/15
omfg we could like meet up or some shit
Hateandhatred writes...
at 5:48:30pm on 8/18/15
what you quebec now
One Winged Angel writes...
at 5:35:04pm on 1/28/15
n you already have an 86
Mourningfall writes...
at 12:14:59pm on 1/17/15
thanks man =)
I honestly enjoy charting anything I feel people would enjoy playing. songs that would be complimented by jumpstream, bursts and smooth transitions. genre wise my preference would probably dance/rave kinda stuff but I've always wanted to find a decent mid-tempo classical/piano piece to chart =w=
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 12:11:55pm on 1/17/15
We have a week-long break like the week after. Second sem doesn't start until beginning of February @_@
I don't get it either
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 12:06:18pm on 1/17/15
thanks but i still have one more final left ugh
it's next thursday though and i'm not too worried about it tbh
but aldkjfa;kdfja;fjd;ajfalk;jd;afja;dkja;fkda;jf ty you too mango even though your sem ended a little while ago haha
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 11:31:07am on 1/17/15
ohhhhh myyyyy goooddddd
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 3:15:17pm on 1/11/15
view -> quality -> low
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 6:56:07pm on 1/8/15
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 6:35:39pm on 1/8/15
Lmao ok I'll count the kung-fu hustle screenies just send it to me
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