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Sorry to any real MRichard's out there - it's not my real name, just a habit
The usual - travel, music, games, food, drink, sleep.... probably in that order
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J-pop to Garage to Death Metal to Classical, whatever - if it's good, I like it (Can't stand country/folk or opera though...)
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Where to start.....? See above.
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Random Thoughts
Good Job Xelius!
Posted on: February 6, 2008, at 03:59:28pm   [0 comments]
Nice. Can't wait 'till I get some more free time and can play seriously again...

100 AAA's (^o^)/
Posted on: October 3, 2007, at 06:01:53pm   [9 comments]
Best so far are probably the painful Synthlight ones: "100BB" & "Story of Snowman..." - exercises in ignoring music & rhythm, and learning the intricacies of jack syndrome.

Uncharacteristic Rant:
Why are jack problems still in the game?
<snip>rant details removed</snip>

DarkbearX kindly advised me of the underlying problem, a flash problem (although I'm not quite sure about it - see the comments)

I'm no flash expert, but still sounds like it could be re-architected or worked around to me (look at FFR-Smooth to see the extent that workarounds are possible). However, I guess I'll leave it be, ranting doesn't come naturally to me anyway, lol

Too many boos
Posted on: September 1, 2007, at 02:36:25pm   [0 comments]
Testing my last program, it got stuck in a loop and I got 13000 boos on a single song. That's going to look pretty odd to the admins... I'm innocent, don't take me away....

And another thing...
Posted on: September 1, 2007, at 09:44:57am   [0 comments]
Here's a FFR key remapper that's much simpler than AutoHotKey:

Bad Stats
Posted on: August 28, 2007, at 05:00:57pm   [0 comments]
My daily stats look awful. Testing my proggy below, I just test, then boo out after a few screens - over and over and over. Must have racked up 300+ wasted games. Should play anon, but keep forgetting...

Comment wall
baby2000 writes...
at 3:50:25am on 11/13/10
My name is mercy i saw your profile today at www.flashflashrevolution.com and became interested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address (mercy_100_desmond@yahoo.com) I believe we can move from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email_ address above.Miss mercy
yomesmo writes...
at 9:31:27am on 10/13/08
Yes! ^_^
Is very easy make AAA's and FC's without AvMisses bug.
I'll see you on Leaderboard!
IDKW2CM writes...
at 11:47:05am on 10/11/08
I love your FFR Tools, thanks for making them, they are useful.
I love to play rockband drums on ffr using the keymap. :D
yomesmo writes...
at 11:26:59am on 10/7/08
MrRichards returns ^_^
nev670 writes...
at 1:07:38pm on 2/27/08
O , i know how to get it but intermediate, nice for you :D , i dont wanna act like a deuce but can i get a challenge =]
[TeRa] writes...
at 11:51:18am on 2/25/08
thanks :D
ill tell her you said happy bday C:
[TeRa] writes...
at 9:10:15am on 2/24/08
Hey :D
If you read about it, Eli found a method to play mirror in ffr, you have to flip the screen, play the opposite way you would normally read the arrows so they appear to go up the way your used to, and then keymap your keys backward. the problem is not all computers allow to flip the screen, such as mine.
Being you made the keymap and the smooth tool, I was wondering if you could enhance on the smooth tool to make it rotate the ffr screen, making other such as myself able to use mirror.
I'm asking you because your just about the only person on ffr that can make programs, get back to me if you consider doing this. :D
nev670 writes...
at 11:14:20pm on 2/23/08
good job with the program, helped me a lot =/ , Thanks , and sorry but i cound't help wondering, "how did u get the vrofl token @_@ ? ?!'"
6 p01nt3d*st@r writes...
at 2:38:42pm on 2/19/08
No problem.
Corrupt_XIII writes...
at 11:03:06am on 1/20/08
Your program is the best, dude. It's so easy to use, and the "Boo out/Retry" feature is so quick and efficient.
..now I feel like I'm advertising for a commercial, haha. x)
Anyways, thanks a lot. You have my vote.
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