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Counter Strike Source, Cross Country, Track & Field, Basketball, JTHM, Newgrounds, FFR, Making music, Playing guitar and piano, Hanging out with friends
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MSI, DJ Tiesto, Daft Punk, Techn9ne, BOUNC3, Darude, Basshunter, Bantu, Banya, Benny Benassi, CKY, Cornandbeans, DM Ashura, Fear Factory, ICP, Inspector K, Ramstein, Sanxion7, Serpento, Skindred, TaQ, X0-000, m1dy, Aphex Twin, Kingspade, ICP, FFR music, Slipknot, Metallica (basically a lot of techno, some rap, some metal)
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danny53x writes...
at 8:27:36pm on 4/11/11
i hate your signature
Toasterlover writes...
at 9:23:26pm on 1/8/09
can u plz make me a background im 1 of numnum123's best friends
**rockstar** writes...
at 1:49:29pm on 11/30/08
hey!!! wats up???
numnum123 writes...
at 12:31:55am on 11/27/08
if you have the chance... can u give me the link to my header again?
SlipKnot_Fan_659 writes...
at 10:55:06pm on 11/15/08
an avatar like a picture for example ur avatar is a bunch of ! in a square and mine is a hand with weed in the hand now i would like my avatar soon or my 3k credits back thank you
Toasterlover writes...
at 7:47:47pm on 11/4/08
i am a friend of numnum123 is there any way i can post a request for a bg
SlipKnot_Fan_659 writes...
at 5:42:46pm on 11/4/08
ok dude ive waited a long time for this avvy i would like u to get it done soon or i want my money back
championanwar writes...
at 9:26:26am on 11/2/08
championanwar writes...
at 4:24:04pm on 11/1/08
wut wut in the butt?
championanwar writes...
at 6:48:50am on 10/31/08
You're losing.
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