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♥♥♥♥♥~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moved To AnneIam~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥ cause reasons Hiya :U K well, I go by Kim or kk or Kimie or any nickname you feel fit for me. I'm pretty nice. As long as your not a douche muffin.<> ========================================================== I tend Ramble a lot. I mean it's the kind of rambling that's on the topic. . . so i guess it's not too bad :Y ========================================================== One VERY important fact about Kimie, is that she's an otaku (anime freak)And I'm currently obsessing over Homestuck (obviously) ow o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Well, this kid likes drawing, she likes singing, dancing, DDR, Writing, She wants to make a story, manga and maybe even a movie someday ^ - ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Well. . . Get ready this list may not stop. . . K-pop/ J-pop/rock, Rock, Techno, Jazz, Country, Alternative ,Screamo ,metal ,EVERYTHINGGGG! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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I don't watch a lot of movies( that's a lie) o.0 Buuuuut, I do like Romcoms :D Anime related movies, Hayou Miyazaki, horror. . . romcoms, Mystery. Okay okay I really lied. Shotop and leave me alone =^ =
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chick dave oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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Yay! ^.^
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homestuck? o:
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Lol. xD Yeahhh...
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pretty good : 3
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hamsteak :3
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Sup :) been awhile how you been?