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Currently In the animation industry working with Zach Englishman. If you ever need 3-D models or banners PM for info. So my names Nick represent Thug Life you know it's how I do ;D! Anyways I'm pretty random and funny so if you want to know more talk to me. Don't be a stranger ;D
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Dubstep <3
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Will be posting Billboard top 10 and top 25 I'tunes and rap weekly
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.blanchard.18

Skype: Cyclonexz.Nicholas1

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Darkbreezee writes at 10:49:11am on 12/20/17
here and then, not FFR but SM xD , yet im definetly not that active at all lol xD
Darkbreezee writes at 10:31:05am on 10/31/15
hey buddy, glad to hear that you are doing great haha :D
im fine as well, and when it comes to Stepmania i have bcome a freaking beast im still not as crazy as rubix but im getting close haha
Nampire_of_Darkness writes at 6:46:49am on 1/29/15
Pft making moneys easy you just have to put the right girls on the right corners xP! lol
Vares writes at 2:27:24am on 11/11/14
I see. :P I suppose that's good. Some people can't do that very well. I don't know if I'm one of those people though.
mykaylamackenna writes at 5:14:23am on 11/4/14
Dealing with life. You?
mykaylamackenna writes at 10:39:03am on 10/22/14
I could be better. Yourself?
mykaylamackenna writes at 4:37:28am on 10/8/14
Nampire_of_Darkness writes at 3:30:31pm on 9/14/14
oh hi! its okay i havent been on much either im good how are you :)
Vares writes at 4:20:34am on 9/4/14
Sucks indeed. :( I hope it works out for you next semester. How's work so far?
Vares writes at 3:31:42am on 8/27/14
Agreed. I'm just enjoying the last of my summer vacation before school starts next week. What's up with you?