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About me:
Im 16 and im a sophmore in highschool.
FFR, DDR, ITG, Bmx'ing
Fav Music:
Amon Amarth, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, Finntroll, Aborted, Vital Remains, Vader, Pendulum, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Wolfchant,Norther, Rammstein, Ebony Tears, CHILDREN OF BODOM, Wintersun, Ensiferum, Behemoth, Naglfar, Norther, Absu, Arsis and Carcass.
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Rapta writes...
at 6:11:12pm on 11/15/18
That avatar brings back strong nostalgia
Andrix writes...
at 3:43:13am on 9/1/08
hey. ic that u play itg. if you like itg as much as i do...i have some awesome hacked Simfiles you can throw on your itg thumbdrive for the arcade. chex them out! they're gr8! and hey, they're also good songs to youtube too! lol. trust me!
angi_cambi writes...
at 9:33:32am on 7/6/08
Alex. =D
I miss 360. D=
the end.
ThePieManOfDeath writes...
at 3:19:41am on 6/29/08
Your avatar must be Vertex Beta vRofl :-)
Harpuia9 writes...
at 6:09:24pm on 6/24/08
haha thx for the pic message
angi_cambi writes...
at 10:17:47pm on 6/15/08
hugo!!! writes...
at 7:59:50am on 6/8/08
o well i had alot of thoughs pshh
but im on manso if your on now im ready to play
gh99 writes...
at 7:05:54pm on 6/7/08
nice profile
hugo!!! writes...
at 3:23:10pm on 6/7/08
yea we should so
i gatta question what is FCs
couse you got 43
angi_cambi writes...
at 11:46:30pm on 6/2/08
D= i just watched that goal...
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