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i know my username sucks. say hi sometime
humor's lit
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Seven Lions, Said the Sky, Illenium, Dabin, yee. I like EDM. Also, Monstercat's sick
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i don't watch movies. don't have the attention span.
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Posted on: July 23, 2018, at 06:24:19am   [1 comment]
sometimes when i laugh i feel like a bird honking
Posted on: December 3, 2017, at 12:25:30am   [5 comments]
ima hijack this thing to say


I've been playing for a bit to get my skill back but I haven't been keeping a log about it because I keep giving up oof


7/30/18: got like 2 70 equivs in a session, which was nice
i think my skill's higher than a lvl 70 right now, but my accuracy is shit. i keep getting stupid goods.

i've been improving, which makes me really happy. i think i'll be back to my old self before the official

7/31/18: 73.5

8/12/18: 75. i can finally play fgos again and not totally fail!

8/20/18: 76. thaaaaaaaaaank you haku for telling me that standalone still exists... don't ask.
edit: 78.5. bf'd punch you.. course i did. altho i already aaa'd it before so it's fine
edit2: 80.4... holy shit.

8/22/18: 86.6!! ~7.5 to go and im back y'all
haha i'm back y'all. there's a song called "i'm black y'all" it's a funny song

10/4/18: gdi i moved and then i didn't do the thing where i played
Posted on: June 14, 2017, at 02:15:14am   [0 comments]
Whenever I come home from school, my head is crammed with things that happened when I was there. I live in my head a lot, but there I'm forced to be in the moment, at least more than I'd like. It takes a while for things to get sorted out. I think things are sorted out now.

Then I thought to myself that I was ready for the next thing, the next thing probably being my trip to China in like... two weeks now o.e and that being home will feel like I'm in an interim between two different stages of my life, those stages being the end of my junior year and my summer internship.

But then I got all philosophical like, "Isn't everything you're doing now just the interim before you're a legit productive member of society and living a stable life???" A lot of the things that will constitute my future life are unknown to me. I don't even know what I'm going to do the year after I graduate, for crying out loud. I have no idea which medical schools will accept me, or if any schools will accept me at all. Or maybe I'll make a last-minute snap decision and work straight out of college.

All of the connections I've made over the past three years won't mean anything once I graduate. The life that I now live will only exist in my memories. Maybe once every couple years I'll come back to college during reunions to meet up with old friends, maybe I won't. I don't know where I'm going to live or what I'll be up to or what problems I'm going to face or who my future friends will be.

It's weird. I'm about a quarter of the way through my life now, but it's like I have nothing sorted out. I thought this feeling would go away once I got into college, but I feel even more uncertain than I was before.

I guess this is a little weird to post on my FFR profile, but whatever ya know. I find myself thinking of the future way more than I used to. Maybe that's just me accepting that whatever life I live now is temporary and that I'm going to have to move on very, very soon.
Posted on: May 25, 2016, at 11:13:56pm   [3 comments]
Yeah okay I signed up so this'll become a make-shift tourney blog. This happens every time, screw you guys.

It's weird though. I've become detached from this place, and I don't know if competing will feel the same way as it did before. I hope it will because I really liked these things, and you guys, or at least the ones I've been able to talk to during my... 5.4 years here... welp.

It's summer, so getting back in shape before the tourney shouldn't be a problem, and neither should skill-boosting. I think I know how to skill-boost. I just take too many breaks because I get drowned in school work, then burrow myself out of school stuff and dick around.

I wish I didn't dick around. I used to be much more time-efficient, at least efficient enough to do the whole school thing and have actual hobbies. I literally have no hobbies anymore, not even a funner way to goof off than sleep.

Now I have time left over that I can spend on fixing this problem and working on myself. I guess FFR is not what first comes to mind for this sorta stuff, but it's fun and I like this place and it's better than lying around in bed and doing nothing.

Prolly gonna run this profile to the ground with my ramblings. I keep stuff here not really because I want others to read it, but because it's a way to motivate myself to improve. Posting my goals makes them concrete and drives me to reach them.

Recently I was thinking about how demotivated I am to do anything outside of homework, and I was amazed at how I used to skill-boost at this game. Maybe this had something to do with it.

this post demonstrates just how much of a scatter-brain i am lmao


oh god my internet's so bad i have to give up on this anyway

wooooooooooooooooooooooooowowowowow gl guys i'll just play the next one
Posted on: June 16, 2015, at 06:24:45am   [9 comments]
gonna delete more stuff

9/4/15: i quit again see you guys during the 11th

10/14/15: aw man the tourney's starting in december ugghh guys no school

11/21/15: not playing since early september was a really bad idea but like school's been really rough
but yeah i legit feel like something's missing from my life. and then i realized
it was this game lmfao welp
think i got enough time before the official still

12/12/15: "oh yeah I'll totally come back"
>starts drowning in schoolwork
>stops playing again

i mean jeez, at least before while i was busy all the time i was able to sleep. i mean i worked through weekends all year and stuff and i never really had much chill time but now i'm just... overwhelmed
ugh. two more nights and things will be chill until february.
that sound so good right now...

but wait... will i even have time after february... life's only gonna get worse... i've legit made myself too busy...

12/28/15: i whine too much lmao
but i plan on playing in the official like legit i've been trying to get my skill back recently
i got three finals and two papers next month though rofl. but i mean we also technically have january off besides that
i feel like i'll need something to keep my mind busy anyway, and the upcoming tourney looks like a good option.

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melonpapes writes at 12:17:13am on 1/22/20
Hope it was a good one 😎
melonpapes writes at 12:08:04pm on 1/21/20
Happy Birthday FG555
nois-or-e writes at 3:55:03pm on 1/17/20
Hey :) Using FFR as a stress reliever here and there to help quell the noise of BPD. Life honestly couldn't have gone worse the last few years, but that's a whole other thing haha. Genuinely appreciate the message, hope you've been well~
Dr. Toboggan writes at 7:24:26pm on 1/12/20
monstercat fan that's what's up
revolutionomega writes at 3:57:04pm on 1/8/20
RIP hopes and dreams
revolutionomega writes at 3:52:15pm on 1/8/20
Now you have to step or get people to step the stuff.
Also got the LNY TNZ permission.
revolutionomega writes at 8:37:34am on 1/7/20
Got you Shingo DJ + Aliases
melonpapes writes at 12:02:41am on 12/1/19
oh and i only thumbs you down now cause I should have/thought I did that a long time ago
melonpapes writes at 12:01:43am on 12/1/19
it was just one piece more for my lulz collection hun don't get upset
melonpapes writes at 11:29:34pm on 11/30/19
uh ohhh stinki!!!