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3/18/2017 - Heya, this is my 3rd time in the Top 200 avg rank of active players. Also just entered D4/Expert. Currently playing x2.4 speed on R^3 engine custom spread with sound muted.
Girls, anime, music, ddr and lots of other stuffs.
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Kawaii025 writes...
at 8:34:11pm on 3/22/17
YAY!! Teach me thy ways of arrow stomping. :3
Kawaii025 writes...
at 8:42:49pm on 2/22/17
Im creepin' on your profile while I stand next to you. Muhahaha :)
Kawaii025 writes...
at 7:02:19pm on 2/5/17
You have more tier points than me... D:
sonicsp33d writes...
at 3:51:24pm on 1/16/14
Finally made it! Now to see how long it takes for someone to knock me off the leaderboards... haha
sonicsp33d writes...
at 3:44:21pm on 1/9/14
I'm slowly but surely working my way into the top ten for our region... It's still going to take a while, though. Also, I finally reached 1,000 FC's. =]
sonicsp33d writes...
at 9:53:50pm on 1/2/14
Awesome. You should totally try to earn some more skill tokens! I think it's safe to say your rank is quite secure. haha
CDCan writes...
at 10:28:21am on 12/25/13
r3 takes some getting used to for sure. gl !
sonicsp33d writes...
at 2:26:01am on 12/18/13
You'll be in the top 200 in no time. Do you plan on going to MTAC next year?
sonicsp33d writes...
at 6:09:06pm on 12/17/13
Nice. Do you still go to the arcade at all? It's been a while since I've seen you anywhere.
sonicsp33d writes...
at 11:33:56am on 12/17/13
What's up buddy? I actually didn't even realize I was that close to the top 10 for our region. haha Are you still in Hendersonville?
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