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If you would like to join my clan all you got to do is comment me and then i will have to vs you and see how good you are and then i will decide weather or not to add you and if i do i will comment you back and you will be on my blog site. :]
ffr, several other games, movies,and some other stuff
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techno, trance, speedcore, dance , and all types of metal
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TheSeventhDawn writes...
at 9:19:47pm on 11/22/08
I hope that wasn't a sarcastic comment. If it's not, then you're welcome. I know I might had been a little bit harsh on you, but I know what I'm talking about. A friend of mine tried to start an online community, he asked me and a few others to start the community, and then we invited more and more people... Trust me, it wasn't easy at first, but he succeeded at the end. I bet if you think wisely about what you should do, and not do, you'll be able to create an online community as well. The reason of why I wanted to criticize you, it's because you were too simple-minded about it. Creating an online community isn't a piece of cake, and you have to make careful choices and decisions. Making actions without even thinking wisely about it might backfire at you.
TheSeventhDawn writes...
at 4:05:39pm on 11/15/08
Please keep in mind that I don't want to insult you in any way. I just want to point out a few starting points that you should know before building your own online community. In either way, good luck.
TheSeventhDawn writes...
at 2:26:31am on 11/15/08
A clan? If you're trying to create an online community by your own like that, it's a pretty bad start, no offense. Online communities are usually formed by a group of friends first, not by one single person. Not to mention advertising it with such a horrible font and abreviations on such a forum makes things even worse, nobody's really going to take your advertising seriously, they'll just come, give their two cents about your typing style, and then leave it like that. Also, lol @ '' then i will have to vs you and see how good you are and then i will decide weather or not to add you''. The community hasn't been builded yet and you're already giving out criterias, and you're expecting people to join your ''clan'' like that? I hate saying this to you, but I think you should get back to reality.
dean_machine writes...
at 6:58:54pm on 11/14/08
Yes, I make all my own backgrounds.
dean_machine writes...
at 6:50:38pm on 11/14/08
I don't know about backgrounds, but you can find lots of fonts at dafont.com
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 3:03:56am on 11/11/08
First person to post on your wall.