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Don't Breathe A Word [Heavy]Indie Rock15-08-07
London BridgesAlternative Rock15-08-07
Faces [Heavy]Rock17-09-07
Flying High [Heavy]Electrometal18-09-07
Eternal Nightmare [Heavy]Electrometal18-09-07
Casio Destroy ToyCasio Pop17-10-07
iPatch's OP8-Bit26-10-07
Rock Paper SnippersEmo Rock12-11-07
ChariotDrum'n Bass16-11-07
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow [Heavy]Christmas30-10-07
Toph's OPMIDI Rock27-11-07
Electro Rush x8Electric Hardcore28-12-07
Dot Matrix HeroGame Music17-12-07
Same DreamHappy Hardcore21-12-07
Gameboy Rave!Game Music09-02-08
HajnalEthno Breaks17-02-08
Glove Stage - Ultra SwedenTouhou 113-04-08
Eclipse (Solar)Drill'n Bass29-03-08
Pwntendo8-bit Breakcore18-05-08
U.M.A.Future Rave22-06-08
Crystal WindTheme18-06-08
Rumia, Sealed Youkai of the NightWorld Electronica26-06-08
Comfort BetraysSpeed Metal03-07-08
Sword StrikeGame Remix15-07-08
ShapeShifterProgressive Trance15-08-08
DMYKJ-Rock Beats07-08-08
The Final ConflictGame Music07-08-08
Almost ThereGame Music14-08-08
Do A Barrel RollHard Techno29-08-08
Toph's OP RemixJazz02-11-08
Night and Day8-bit14-12-08
Techno Green GreensGame Remix09-01-09
Ice DiskDrum'n Bass21-03-11
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Posted on: March 31, 2014, at 06:11:16am   [2 comments]

Big Blue, Mario Painted by myself
Posted on: May 3, 2008, at 12:05:07pm   [7 comments]

Comment wall
LegitMusicProducer writes...
at 3:52:13pm on 12/14/13
Hello yes, am to wondering interested in step arrow produce for music? Thanks you.
Tim Allen writes...
at 10:48:33pm on 11/24/13
yes a lot of files ok good ok
GammaBlaster writes...
at 8:41:06am on 9/19/13
eclipse (solar) is an awesome file
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 2:52:44am on 2/18/12
if you happen to sign in and see this i just wanted to say your when the water breaks simfile in sm is a lot of fun :D
MarioNintendo writes...
at 6:17:12am on 1/14/11
Your files are the ones that got me hooked to FFR in the first place almost 3 years ago. I just thought it would be fair to tell you about it. :3
_Areyano_ writes...
at 10:12:39pm on 12/14/10
amazing work with all the songs
SulferDragon writes...
at 4:38:35pm on 10/20/09
you should stop being dead
Moonlight_X writes...
at 6:55:03am on 10/13/09
Just wanted to let you know that your simfiles on this site are beast <3
PhaeL writes...
at 6:45:00pm on 7/26/09
It was a great help, man, thank you :)
If you want, I send both to you when I finish them. Just to have an opinion from someone that already step files and to hear some advices, y'know
anyway, thanks, man, many thanks
Bye. ^^
PhaeL writes...
at 4:03:01am on 7/18/09
Sup Electric :)
I have a favor to ask, if you don't mind: can you tell me the bpm rate you used on Dot Matrix Hero and Eradication? I'm doing simfiles of both on SM, and the MixMeister Analyzer is not helping me at all
If you don't mind and tell me, I'll thank you enormously
oh, and nice Big Blue btw
an year old but cool anyway
thanks, dude. Peace
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