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I'm a high schooler that likes rhythm games, no matter how much I suck at them. I have a girlfriend and like to hang with friends as well as play video games. My favorite thing to do: sleep.
Games: FFR, DDR, KH, FF, Mario, SSB, SSBM, SSBB (Brawl! :) ) Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis
Fav Music:
Bands: Linkin Park, Nightwish, Dragonforce, The Policem, Iron Maiden VG Music: DDR, FFR, Kingdom Hearts, Brawl
Fav Movies:
Can't choose. Too many...
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Posted on: December 18, 2007, at 06:52:58pm   [1 comment]
AAA (10):

Free Space (FFR Edit)
Trip to the Moon (Club Remix)
Dance to This
Falling Into You
Excite Bike
For Who I Am
*Zelda Stormy

*= newest AAA to get
(freakin' hard/annoying/VERY EASY)

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Eddie the munster writes...
at 9:11:26am on 12/5/08
i don't want to sound like a nagging asshole but don't forget to submit a score for the team tourney just submit the first score you get if you can't be bothered cheers mate.
Eddie the munster writes...
at 8:19:25pm on 11/17/08
Thats the only name i could think of lol.
friedgirl8 writes...
at 4:21:30pm on 10/29/08
nice avi. =]
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 12:04:19pm on 10/24/08
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 8:16:45pm on 10/23/08
thanks for teh add
iceefudgesickle writes...
at 10:36:14pm on 10/21/08
thats bcuz the song was too easy lol
its okay i'm good enough to take most of the people lol
iceefudgesickle writes...
at 6:17:12pm on 10/21/08
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 5:43:35pm on 10/20/08
thanks pal
haha no problem. sora is cool
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 7:14:44pm on 10/19/08
niice avi
iceefudgesickle writes...
at 11:06:59pm on 10/14/08
bow down to the mashing might
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