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Uploaded on April 24, 2007 at 09:49:51pm

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  1. Not Si though btw. It's only DX.

  2. It's almost entirely built from the ground up. I bought it a few years ago wrecked and worked on it with my uncle using stuff pretty much only bought online. It has an Acura Integra GSR OBD1 engine w/ Turbo.

  3. Any performance mods, or are they all aesthetic? Also, is it Si, or one of the lower models?

  4. its all bout DSM f!ck JDM

  5. i see a texas license plate!!!
    i wonder if ive seen ur car around

  6. your front lip is in much better shape then mine =( jealous.

  7. jdm touches? nice...! jdm ftw

  8. My car. Stick shift 2 door '97 Honda Civic coupe.