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8th Official Tournament Log D4
Posted on: January 23, 2013, at 04:46:53pm

Another tournament for me, after my last official (6th) now I have time to try again, with the difference that this time I bumped into D4, this will be fun to play, we have a lot of competition here.

Round One: Touch Me [AAA]

This wasn´t too hard, but I did a lot of blackflags thanks to the runs, after a few tries I got the AAA. Great song to start.

Round Two: Walk on Water [AAA]

DAMN!, well, this isn't my type of file, my first attempt was a 12-0-0-1 and then a 6-0-0-0, I expect to do a AAA on this days.
EDIT [02/02]: YES!. (100+ Tries Later)

Round Three: Slam the Door (Rogue Remix) [AAA]

Easier than Round Two, those jacks are difficult and I always got a good in there, I know that I can do a AAA very soon.
EDIT: 50 Replays later, I got the AAA, but lag is an issue now, I hope this is fixed soon.

Round Four: Quark [7-0-0-4]
A Very Difficult file compared to the last round, I was giving up but I got this 7-0-0-4 that put me in a safe place for now...

Well, after four rounds I was eliminated, I am glad to put all my effort to do the best, and I did very well, on my last tournament I finished 40th on D3, this time I finished 17th on D4 with a difference of 5 points, Quark was a beast to do...
Thanks to everybody who believed on me, until next tournament.