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After about like 4 weeks, DDRfreak is BACK!
Posted on: September 1, 2008, at 11:54:19am

Ok, so I've been sorta busy with work and such. So much that I kind of took a break from FFR for like 4 weeks. I honestly regret that. I missed an apparent Spontaneous Contest, new Token releases, and a bunch of other new FFR song adds that I would kill to try out when it first came out. Oh, and I also missed the announcement that my good friend (Dood Gone Krazee) won the tourney. GOOD JOB, DOOD!!! And so I've been slacking on the whole FFR thing. Now that its one day before the first day of school, I'm back and I just kindda wanted to announce it. So be prepared to see me in that new Unofficial Tournament and I'm gonna become more 'active' on FFR for a while (to make up for the FFR'ing that I missed). So that's about it. I'M BACK, YO! ^_^

  1. lmao wut KrAz3 can pwn DDRFreak anytime wut wb bro n i wanna c u beat me in skill tokens muhahaha

  2. cool